Homeopathic Medicines Kosher Status

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homeopathic medicines kosher

Being an observant Jew for a few years now, I have been asked several times by both Jews and Gentiles alike a very common question: “Are homeopathic medicines kosher?”

Given the overall resurgence of Torah observance among Jews for the past few decades as well as the growing interest of kosher dieting among non-Jews, I figured this is an important issue to address. Read More

Before You Buy Homeopathic Medicine, READ THIS!

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buy homeopathic medicine

Many times when we buy homeopathic medicine or are prescribed one by a certified homeopath, we expect to get the “magic” healing that we’ve been waiting for a long time.

Sometimes to our disappointment however, we may be prescribed a remedy for a certain duration of time, and we see absolutely 0 results or less progress than we would expect. Especially for newer users of Homeopathy, it can be a major disappointment after switching out of allopathy or other C.A.M. therapies.

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Which Homeopathic Materia Medica Should You Get?

homeopathic materia medica

Product: Nature’s Materia Medica (Homeopathic Materia Medica), 3rd EditionHomeopathic Materia Medica

Price: $89.50

Cheapest Place to Buy: Amazon.com [Prime shipping]

Experience: This is the first one I ever used. Helped A LOT, but much different than other standard materia medicas.

My Rating:  8.8/10


“The Book That The Homeopaths Use”

When you visit a homeopath for a consultation, have you ever wondered why they use a certain book to try and find the right remedy for you?

This “certain book” all homeopaths use is called the “Materia Medica.”

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Succussion in Homeopathy: How It Works

Succussion in Homeopathy

In one of my first articles, What Is Homeopathy?, I briefly touched upon the process of succussion in homeopathy, which is used to potentize substances into homeopathic remedies. Due to the misconceptions out there, I wish to explain this more.

This includes the fact that based on this and other aspects of homeopathy, many prominent scientists support Homeopathy.

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