Heartburn is the pain you feel in your abdomen, sternum or near the breastbone after you have had something to eat. This pain is associated with the workings of your stomach and esophagus. Heartburn is not something unusual and almost everyone has felt the discomfort of acid reflux sometimes or the other. If the heartburn still persists and occurs frequently, hard changes need to be made to your lifestyle. These changes might include avoiding certain foods, having regular medication and in some serious cases, surgery. Making these critical changes will help in curing heartburn for good. 


Going the Natural Way

There are medications that bring quick relief to chest pains associated with heartburn. However, long time use of such medications is not recommended as it may entail some side effects. Going the natural way is a no-brainer as the harmful side-effects are either minimized or eliminated completely.

In addition, going the natural route is preferable in the long run as it is a healthier choice for your body. Furthermore, carrying heartburn medication everywhere can be quite cumbersome. Using natural elements provide lasting relief and can help you get rid of the symptoms in the longer run.

Still, people should consult a doctor to have their acid levels checked out if the heartburn problem is persistent. On the other hand, no one likes the chest pains that come along with heartburn. And for a quick relief, taking natural remedies is your safest bet.

Juices such as citrus juices might irritate your stomach but when it comes to soothing your stomach, certain juices can help. Aloe vera juice can work wonders in the cases of heartburns. It not only soothes your skin but it also cools down your stomach. Papaya juice contains elements that help in breaking down proteins and relieving pressure in the stomach.

Chamomile tea has been proven effectively for natural heartburn relief and it also helps in relieving stress. Chewing Basil leaves helps in reducing acidic and gas buildup and combats nausea symptoms. Chewing on one or to cloves of garlic can quickly help you feel at ease quickly.


The Surgical Route

In certain extreme cases, the natural remedies might not be able to help you as much. A surgical approach might be required for a long time solution. This surgery is known as Nissen Fundoplication Surgery or GERD surgery.

The top part of the stomach is known as the fundus which lies near the lower esophagus. In a Fundoplication surgery, the surgeon can proceed either take the laparoscopic approach or make a bigger incision, depending on the patient’s condition. After the incision, some part of the fundus is tied around the esophagus to reinforce the junction with the help of stitches. This tightens up the esophagus and prevents acid buildup in the stomach. Expect some discomfort after the surgery.

Always consult your doctor for pre and post-operation recuperation when taking the surgical route. Make healthy changes to your diet and inculcate those changes in your daily routine.


Summary: Curing Heartburn for Good


Here’s a wrap up of the key remedies and solutions mentioned in this article:

  • aloe vera juice.
  • papaya juice.
  • chewing on garlic cloves.
  • chewing on basil leaves.
  • drinking chamomile tea.
  • GERD surgery.


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