eDay cream vs night cream – that is the question.

What makes a can of cream a good cream? And what is the importance of separating your cream depending on when you apply them?

A good cream has the right ingredients to smoothen the skin, hydrate, increase complexity, and give a glowing look and so on.

Often we receive different questions on which cream is better, whether we have a certain cream, but the big question is if you use the same cream for both day and night, or you have separate creams.

By encouraging day cream and night cream, it’s not a ploy of marketing but there are beneficial reasons why you should have both.

Let’s explain.

Day Creams

A reason why most companies encourage women to use different creams during the day than that of the night is that day creams are usually formulated to provide support and protection from the sun.

The face is more prone to the sun rays, environmental stress, pollutants thus when the day cream are being produced to protect the skin. The day creams contain SPF to prevent the UV rays from burning and photo-aging, antioxidants that fight free radicals from the environment, and oil which moisturize the skin and makes it firm and glowing.

This means that by applying cream during the day, we get protected from external factors. Some of the day creams contain skin regenerating peptides and skin lighting products. They are non-greasy and settle perfectly under the make ups.

We recommend that the day cream you choose should include compounds such as vitamin C, licorice kojic, and arbutin. Those day creams that contain acid compounds may be irritating to the skin.

Night Creams

The facial skin, like any part of the body, does most of its repair, restoration and rejuvenate as we sleep.

The night creams are formulated to assist the skin in these processes. The night cream has a thicker texture, and they contain ingredients that aid in the restoration and repairing such as the best collagen moisturizer, ceramide, vitamin A, C, E, or B5. The ingredients assist the skin to function normally during the repair.

We also require the skin to remain hydrated as we sleep that we should apply them depending on the skin type. If you have dry skin, choose a hydrating night cream, and for sensitive skins, you want night cream with no inflammatory effect.

Night creams are thick, and their moisture is slowly absorbed as we sleep. Since at there is no interferences from the sun rays, the night creams have a complex formula with anti-aging ingredients such as retinol, hyaluronic acid, and glycolic acid.

Thus at night, no irritation is expected. Since we don’t apply make ups when we sleep, most of the components in the creams are absorbed before the morning.

Still not convinced why you should use separate creams?

Day Cream vs Night Cream – Why Should You Use Both Creams?

As noted, both day and nights creams have different purposes and texture. Thus when applying them, make sure they suit your needs.

Many people ask what will happen if they use night cream in the morning.

The answer: using night cream in the morning will have no significant effect. You will however feel a little greasy, and you won’t be protected from the sun.

Likewise using a day cream at night will have no side effect. But, it will not lead to maximum absorption of anti-aging and the moisturizing components.

Most women opt to buy separate creams including eye creams to maintain their skin in the right complexity. Others choose to buy one just to stay safe from the sun. It’s more of a personal choice.

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day cream vs night cream

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  • This is Awesome information! I try to keep my home natural . I believe that all the chemicals in things today might fix the one problem but the future benefits might not be worth it. It’s scary with all the many types of cancer and other issues. Thanks for so much detailed infonation. It sure is helpful when looking for stuff.

  • I have often thought about the difference between day and night creams. Thanks for shedding some light on the difference and why we should use both. I appreciate you listing the ingredients that these creams should contain, and how they can help with the repair, restoration and rejuvenation of facial skin. Now I know what to look for when I buy these products.

  • I was not looking for a miracle and I was not expecting a jar of cream to give me one. BUT, I started using the Made from Earth Olive Night Cream at night before bed and it keeps my skin looking so great in the morning – and I can say I look ten years younger 🙂 no joke

  • Thanks for helping me learn more about day and night cream. I didn’t know that night creams have their moisture slowly absorbed as you sleep. I’m kind of interested to learn how long it could take for the moisture to be absorbed, in case it affects when someone tried to go to sleep.


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