White and shiny teeth are something that each of us desires. Everyone wants to have a stain-free set of teeth that adds a perfect shine to their glorious smile. Despite keeping proper oral hygiene, there are some elements in our routine that counterattack our teeth and cause stains that are hard to remove. What if I tell you that the foods and beverages you might like the most are the biggest enemies of your desire? Just for a span of time, think about the drinks you tend to have frequently.

Keeping a close watch over your drinking habits will let you know the reason for the staining of your teeth. Items like tea, coffee, vinegar, soda, etc. are some examples of your tooth enemies. If your list contained any of these items, then it is a sign of danger for your pearly whites. Tracking the culprits, here are some drinks which stain your teeth the most.

But before that, here is a bit of information you need to know about tooth stains.

What are the stains?

Stains, often referred to as tooth discoloration occurs due to deposition of pigments on teeth or due to improper oral care.

Stains can be of two types:

  • Extrinsic – This occurs when the enamel or the outer layer of the tooth is stained.
  • Intrinsic – This occurs when the inner layer of the tooth or the dentin is stained.

In the case of intrinsic, you might need to undergo surgery. But, don’t worry, the doctors nowadays use small safe masks that reduce dental anxiety, fear, even terror in patients and get you relaxed.

Unlike intrinsic, extrinsic stains depends on external factors like food and drinks. A simple practice in your daily routine can help you keep away from getting your teeth stained.

So, here is a list of items/drinks that stains your teeth the most:

1. Wine

Wine is acidic in nature, be it red or white. Acid promotes the erosion of enamel over the tooth surface, which leads to the staining of the teeth. Irrespective of the light color, white wine is way more harmful than red wine due to the more acid content present in it.

2. Soda

It is often said that dark-colored drinks corrode the enamel. The dark color is due to the dark compounds present in them which leave a stain on your tooth, leaving behind brown or yellow discoloration. Again, sodas are acidic in nature, which are the tooth’s finest enemies.

3. Tea

Why does everyone prefer good quality tea?

Complimenting its good taste, it would cause lesser staining of tooth. The dark color of the tea added by the tea leaves causes enamel erosion, thereby, leaving a stain over your tooth. Herbal tea will also cause stains but in a lesser amount.

4. Coffee

Coffee contains a huge amount of tannins, a substance that produces a drying sensation in your mouth. It is often present in seeds. It leads to erosion of enamel and leaves a stain behind.

5. Citrus Drinks

Citric drinks are acidic in nature. They expose the dentin by corroding the enamel, thereby making it more sensitive to acid which further causes stains.

6. Sports or Energy Drinks

Sports and energy drinks contain citric acid which helps to preserve them in order to increase their shelf life. This acid erodes the enamel and leaves behind a stain.

The above-mentioned drinks alter the pH level in your mouth. Due to this alteration, your teeth become more sensitive and get exposed to other acidic food promoting the damaging and staining. So, what should you do to prevent your teeth from staining?

Tips for maintaining a stain-free tooth:

  • Proper brushing and flossing
  • Using whitening toothpaste in case of minor stains
  • Frequently visiting a dentist.
  • Chewing sugarless gums right after eating or drinking
  • Avoiding products containing hydrogen peroxide
  • Eating food that acts as natural teeth whiteners, like; strawberries, apples, spinach, broccoli, cheddar cheese, etc.

Now that you know your tooth enemies, try to avoid these drinks. If you still have to drink, try to use straws in order to prevent contact of acid and your tooth. Also, maintain good oral hygiene for healthy teeth, tongue & throat. Sometimes drinks not only affect your teeth but also your tonsils (what do tonsils look like). And, try to adopt the habit of following the above-mentioned tips for preventing tooth stains and discoloration.

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