Greeks have been already known for their healthy cuisine! It is not true for just a couple of years, rather for more than several decades. Long back in the 1960s, it was witnessed that Greeks lived longer and the rate of chronic diseases was pretty lower than the rest of the world. When it comes to eating like a Greek, it is always loaded with an abundant amount of seafood, fruits, veggies, beans, and healthy fats.

There are many cuisines around the world which have started following the Greek style of eating food over the time. Among them, the Mediterranean diet is one of the most popular ones! Research studies have shown that if you follow this diet, it will decrease the possibility of various diseases like stroke, diabetes, obesity, premature death etc.

How does a Greek diet stand out in terms of health benefits?

Read on…



Salad before the meal

Eating Like A Greek

It is no less than a tradition to serve salads first on the Greek table. Greeks are so fond of their salads that years before, salads were also served as desserts. The primary objective of munching on salad before eating a meal is that it stimulates the appetite in a great way. Plus, you will feel fuller with the green veggies. Hence, it will prevent you from overeating. Finally, you stay in shape.

Well, there’s a fun fact hidden behind this concept of eating salads by Greeks. Not many of us know about it but it is true! You might think that the popular combination of tomatoes, olives, cucumber, feta cheese, and onions is the Greek salad. Actually, the Greek people call it Kalamata or villager’s salad. The amazing Greek salad is much more than just this!


Consider cooking as an experience

Amid of the highly strenuous 9-to-5 grind, we often end up ordering a food delivery or end up eating packaged foods. Howbeit, Greek people totally oppose this fact. In Greek culture, cooking is a very respected and celebrated spiritual experience. They believe that cooking connects us to ourselves and nature too. Hence, they often make cooking a fun experience while playing music, singing, and dancing while doing so.

You can allow your senses to do the work while cooking and decide on the number of ingredients that you wish to use. Finally, you will end up with a healthy homemade meal with healthy kinds of stuff incorporated into the same.


Use more herbs

Herbs can add a lot of flavor and taste to any dish without enhancing the number of calories. Interestingly, in almost all the dishes of Greek cuisine, you can find a lot of them. Also, there are many herbs like basil, thyme, cilantro etc. which have immense health benefits and medicinal properties.

While using such herbs in whatever you cook, you can assure about a healthy meal to yourself. Fortunately, Greeks have always inspired us to do that.


Go for a little cheese

You need to balance the healthy greens with your favorite dairy product to make yourself feel satisfied. Greeks always do this to ensure that their meals end up being appetizing enough. It can further prevent the unhealthy binges in you to gulp a big bowl of mac and cheese or an oily pizza!

Almost all the Greek dishes (for example, Barley stuffed bell peppers) are finished off with a sprinkle of cheese. It finally lets them satisfy their desires up to a great extent without adding a lot of calories to their diet. Finally, they end up eating healthy!

If you start eating like a Greek…

You will be able to avoid various unwanted health issues. Don’t wait anymore. Take the right stride now itself.

Eat healthily, stay fit, and live long!

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