There is no doubt that a healthy and glowing complexion is a sign of youth and vitality, so when the years start showing on our face, it might affect our confidence, as well as our idea of beauty. Thankfully, almost half of the physical changes that make us look older come down to non-genetic factors we can easily improve with a good skincare routine, some active ingredients and a few healthy lifestyle habits. So, here are the most effective ways to make your skin look young again:

Create a good skincare regimen

Create a good skincare regimen

Constructing a good skincare regimen is the key to healthy and youthful skin. Since our natural oil production reduces as we age, using a gentle cleanser once a day is enough to keep your skin clean, without stripping it from its natural moisturizers. Apart from exfoliating your face with a chemical exfoliant once a week, don’t forget to moisturize your skin twice a day with a rich, heavier cream that will keep your complexion soft, supple and plump. As you mature, it might be a good idea to include an eye cream with active ingredients into your routine as well, to keep the most sensitive area of your face smooth and wrinkle-free.

Boost your collagen production

An essential protein that provides elasticity to the skin, collagen helps us appear more healthy and youthful. But as we age, our bodies produce less of it, leading to fine lines, wrinkles and loose skin, which is why we need to aid our skin in producing collagen with topical creams and serums. From beneficial aloe vera in its purest form to vitamin C serums and creams with vitamin A derivatives, such as retinol, retinoid and Retin-A, there are many ways you can boost your collagen production and slow down the process of aging.

Treat persistent dark spots

Whether they were caused by specific skin issues, long-term sun exposure or simply the process of aging, dark brown spots are one of the biggest problems we face with as the years go by, and one of the most obvious signs our skin has started to age. If you want to reduce the appearance of these pesky spots and achieve a more even and youthful complexion, the best idea would be to find an effective brown spots treatment that will brighten your skin, minimize imperfections and help you get a glowing and radiant complexion.

Treat persistent dark spots

Pay attention to your neck and hands

Even though we tend to focus mostly on the skin on our face, our hands and neck are actually the first ones to start showing signs of aging. To protect your hands and keep them looking smooth and young, always wear gloves outside during the colder weather, as well as while washing dishes, and moisturize them regularly with rich creams that contain hydrating ingredients, such as vitamin E, Shea butter and glycerin. When it comes to your neck, there is truly no need to buy any additional products. Simply take your skincare routine down to your neck, and it will remain wrinkle-free and youthful.

Eat a healthy and balanced diet

The food you eat impacts your skin as well, which is why it’s crucial to cut out sugary, salty, fatty and processed foods, and opt for vitamins, minerals and healthy fats to increase your skin’s vibrancy and elasticity. Apart from avoiding smoking and limiting your alcohol intake, it’s important to drink plenty of water throughout the day to remain hydrated and maintain a glowing, youthful complexion.

Eat a healthy and balanced diet

By constructing a good skincare routine, making some lifestyle changes and opting for beneficial topical treatments, you can easily make your skin look younger, and achieve a healthy, radiant and youthful complexion.

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