There’s no doubt about it when you’re burnout you can not only feel it, but you can see it. However, determining what is causing you to feel this way may not be as easy to define. You may be going through episodes of depression, or you’re simply not enjoying your daily routine as much. It can be incredibly frustrating to understand the cause of burnout, and the reality is that it’s often different from everyone else. Therefore, the following list includes four reasons why your energy levels might be low.

Lack of Daily Control

No, this isn’t about telling other people what to do; it’s about controlling your day. Often times, when people begin to work within their chosen fields, they tend to do anything they can to remain positive in everyone’s eyes—shipping out office mail, picking up lunch, and staying overtime, to name a few. This, however, can be very dangerous to your mental state as your days quickly become to be controlled by your co-workers and managers. It is important to begin to balance this out in order to avoid burning out too quickly into your career.

Health Issues

One of the most frustrating things that people go through is not understanding why they are suddenly feeling low-energy. This is particularly concerning for males who are naturally pumped with testosterone, which equates to energy. If your career and home life are going well, you should consider low testosterone therapy to help you eliminate some of the most common causes of low energy within men. Doing this can help you catch certain issues within the male body before it gets any worse.

Lack of Clarity

No matter your occupation, if you don’t know what you’re pouring all those hard-working hours on, you are going to quickly burnout. When your or your company’s goals keep moving around like random targets in the air, it can be incredibly exhausting to continue to do the same thing every day. The best thing to do is stop and really define exactly what your role and goals are within your career.

Lack of Social Life

Although you might like the people you work with, they aren’t exactly your best friends. This leads to a life where you have quick and meaningless conversations on a daily basis. Your brain and body crave a social life where you are able to speak with others about your interests. Denying this stimulation to your mind can quickly leave you feeling like you have low energy.

As you can see by now, being burnout is caused by a plethora of things and can present itself in a number of ways as well. Therefore, it is incredibly important to utilize the information above in order to help you eliminate some of the causes as well as hopefully find yourself a reason why you’ve suddenly begun to feel low-energy.

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