I would say it is wrong to suggest you should have a goal in fitness. It should be a way of life given the following reasons:

  • We do not have access to natural, organic environment to live in.
  • It is even worse environment we get to live in cities.\
  • We do not consume organic healthy food.
  • We are physically less moved and active.
  • We often weigh well over an average weight point.
  • We have either a very hectic or very relaxed lifestyle.
  • We are either driven by daily life pressure and stress or taken back by excessive eating, thinking and negative aura.
  • We are stressed, tired and even sick. If not sick, then with all above conditions, we are definitely heading towards it.

So, if we do not adopt fitness as a way of life, particularly in urban setting, we a life in above style and with above conditions. If we do, we live a healthy and fit life. There is no in-between.

Keeping all this on mind, we all have different reasons to exercise, to become and stay fit. We all have different objectives too. Some of us want to be super-fit and show off ourselves that way. Others want to go slow and go always.

All those who are into fitness at any level and want to achieve their exclusive aims from it, should consider following five principles.

Exercise regularly

It is main principle to achieve maximum out of an activity. It is more relevant to exercise. Whether you work out at home or gym. Whether you work out without a fitness machine, or with a small fitness equipment. It is important you do it regularly.

You take one step; your negative circumstances are pushed 10 steps backwards. You do not take that step; they are there, unmoved. You do not take that step next day again; your negative situations are back at previous level. Big or small, take that step every day.

Grow into fitness

A right way to launch into and move forward into your fitness program is that: start with little and grow into more and greater. Start for example with small fitness equipment. Allow your body adapt to that weight, and then apply more force, speed and intensity on it.

It is another reason why I wouldn’t recommend set yourself a fitness goal too soon or set it at all. It bears a potential of deviating your focus from exercise to anxiety to see you reaching that goal.

When you start with simple and little, you would start feeling good about exercise. It is when your motivation, energy and willpower would respond to your push for fitness. Pushing yourself into a rigorous activity at an early stage might completely putt you off from exercise.

Stay focused

It is very likely to happen that you get excited about progress in your fitness during early phase of an exercise. Every now and then standing in front of mirrors imagining “you have done well” is one of signs to spot a time when you start becoming a prey to complacency.

A false sense of vanity is what makes you complacent to progress in an exercise. It is very dangerous. It can happen to anyone, especially new comers. It also happens to those who come with higher expectations and goals.

It is important to stay focused on core activity of exercise throughout. The moment your attention is diverted to achievement, you would first feel an artificial sense of progress. And when that lapses, an aura of negativity can overpower you. That would be end to it then.

Adapt to your energy

If you have not exercised for quite a while, or you have just started exercising, you would feel a different level of energy in your body. Sometimes, you feel pumped-up or very high. Sometimes, you are at your lowest. So much so that you find it harder to drag yourself out.

Keeping fluctuating nature of your energy and motivation on mind, you should learn to adapt to them. Exercise more when you feel high, and exercise slower and less when at the lowest ebb. In the beginning it is important you move along with your body’s response.

You can go an extra step to test and expand your body potential, but avoid putting too much pressure on it. Putting more pressure than it can sustain, can potentially break your body. It would not make it. It is very helpful when you exercise at home or exercise with small fitness equipment. You can exercise more than once in a repeated cycle in 24 hours.

Nutrition and rest

Plan your diet according to your exercise regime. A wise approach is to eat less food, and eat it in more intervals. Chew well while eating. It would allow your body time and space to digest it well. It would get more nutritional value from it. It would strengthen your metabolism.

Drink a lot of water. Your body dehydrates when you exercise. Drink fluids such as juices and water. Drink water regularly. Drink it especially after exercise. It would keep your body hydrated, agile and fresh. A reduction in water intake can make your body get tired quickly.

Also allow your body a sufficient time from your exercise and work schedule to rest. More you rest, more energy you get to exercise. An exercise without rest would destroy your body muscles. It would put them under a lot of stress. It would become prone to strains and muscles injuries then.

About Author:

Millie Lowe is a motivational speaker and fitness advisor. She holds seminars and workshops on a range of health and fitness issues. Millie currently is associated with Xn8 Sports who specialize in designing, manufacturing and selling Boxing, MMA & Fitness gear and accessories.

About the author

Millie Lowe

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