Every time you go for a gynaecological check-up or visit the dentist to have a look at your teeth, you are made to lay back on a table which makes it easier for the doctor to have a better look at the patient. Disregard of the specialization of the clinic, these tools are universally required and a must have for all the clinics. They are not meant for providing support to the patient but also serve many other roles during the process of check-up and examination. These tables not only provide comfort to the patients but also help the patients to maintain a position at the time of application of various procedures and treatments.

However, based on their utility and function, there are different types of doctors examination couches. Read on to find out.

Doctors Examination Couch

Doctors Examination Couch

The Different Types of Doctors Examination Tables

Based on the purpose of usage, the doctor’s examination tables are designed in a number of ways, each of which has a specific feature designed to meet the specific needs.

  1. Paediatric Examination Tables: These doctors examination couches are specially designed for children. They have a size smaller than the conventional treatment tables. They are sized for the children of various age groups. These tables are usually decorated with bright images and catchy colours, which make the children feel at ease and relaxed while visiting a doctor.
  2. Treatment Tables: These doctors examination couches are the best and the simplest kind of tables available in the market. These are present in the clinics which offer physical therapy and other similar treatments. This kind of examination table is padded to provide comfort to the patients. These tables also have a chest of drawers under the seated area.
  3. ADA Exam Tables: If the patients face a lot of problem in getting up on a box table, then it is advisable is equipped the clinic with an ADA Exam Table. This kind of doctors examination couch is meant to eliminate the problem of the patients, so that they don’t have to jump up to the table. This kind of table has an electric life. A patient has to step on the lift and then it rises automatically, bringing the patient up to the seat. This makes it easier for the patients to visit the doctor for check-ups.
  4. Mobile Exam Tables: These tables because of their lockable casters, are movable. It is because of this feature that the cleaning crews and the caretakers find it easy to move the tables for cleaning or rearranging the room as and when required.
  5. Procedure Tables: These tables are designed keeping in mind the ease of the medical professionals when they perform certain minor treatment functions. They usually have a feature which provides ease of the adjustment of height.
  6. Specialty Exam Tables: These tables are designed to be used in some of the specialty medical treatments and examinations. They have special features and accessories such as drop windows and stirrups which help healthcare providers to provide a great care to the patients.
Doctors Examination Couch

Doctors Examination Couch

Things to Look for In an Examination Couch

Before you invest in something, it is important to assess the factors you want your doctors examination couch to be equipped with:

  1. The Material: Check the material properly your table is made up of. Also, have a close look at the upholstery.
  2. The Flexibility: See how flexible your table is.
  3. Adjustable Height: Many tables come with the facility of height adjustment. This is an essential feature because this allows people- both elders and children, of different heights, to get up on the table with a great ease.

Apart from that, there are other features like the heads and the back support, the armrest and the footrest, which help to determine the level of comfort a patient experiences on the doctors examination couch.

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