Did you hear of Morton’s Neuroma, a special health condition that affects the feet? It causes ample amount of pain and you need to wear the right pair of shoes to get rid of the discomfort. It’s practically impossible to walk on a painful foot. You will just lose hope and feel exhausted in whatever you do. If you have a passion for a workout like running, jogging and exercise, you can’t concentrate due to pain. Women are more affected by this condition than men because women are more prone to wearing high and narrow heels.

Morton’s Neuroma

In Morton’s Neuroma, the nerve tissues are thickened due to a non-malignant growth that comes up generally between the third and fourth toes. The nerves are swollen and take the shape of a ball causing pain, swollen feet and painful ankle. This disease is also known as Morton’s metatarsal, Morton’s disease, Morton’s neuralgia and plantar neuroma.

The Symptoms

Some of the common symptoms include numbness, tingling, pricking and burning sensation due to pain while walking or wearing shoes. A lump formation might be visible from outside but it’s very rare. There are times when there are no symptoms and the condition is detected through MRI scans. You can only get rid by taking proper treatment and by buying one of the best shoes for Morton’s neuroma.

The Causes of Morton’s Neuroma

If you are pondering over the cause, the experts say that there is no particular cause. It might be a result of an injury, irritation; excessive pressure on the toe nerves and all these causes the nerve to thicken.

Take a look at the factors that trigger this condition:

  • Wearing heels that are more than 5 centimeters or wearing a very tight and pointed pair of shoes that squeeze your toes.
  • A traumatic injury to your foot.
  • A bunion can form below your feet and this might lead to enlargement of joints and swelling.
  • If your feet are excessively arched it leads to great pressure on the ball of your foot.
  • Hammer’s toe is a kind of deformity that may occur in a joint of your toes and it causes the toes to bend permanently.
  • When you have flat feet, the sole of the shoe completely touches the ground which causes discomfort and pain.
  • Indulging in high-speed ports activities like playing tennis, soccer, basketball, running or playing karate or judo causes excessive pressure on the feet.

Choosing the best shoes for Morton’s Neuroma

If you are suffering from Morton’s Neuroma, it is crucial to buy the perfect pair of shoes so that you can manage the discomfort. Take a look at the factors you need to consider while selecting Best shoes for Morton’s Neuroma:

  • Buy proper fitting shoes – Buy shoes that have space for your toes so test wearing the pair before you buy. There are specialized shoes specially designed for Morton’s Neuroma symptoms. If you are already suffering, you can also order a customized pair. The left and the right feet are never equal so it’s best to get an adjustable fitting pair for added comfort.
  • Arch support – Buy shoes that offer a higher level of arch support to release the pressure on your nerves. The support acts as a shock absorber.
  • Box shoe with wide-toe – This offers sufficient room for the toes without squeezing them.
  • Custom-orthotics – It’s best to order customized shoes that have a padding and cushioning so that the nerves are not affected and it will heal the ones injured.
  • Say no to Low shoes – Zero drop shoes are not good at all, it puts excessive pressure on your feet. Any kind of excess pressure might worsen the Morton Neuroma condition.
  • Dump old shoes – if you are looking for the best shoes for Morton’s Neuroma, throw away old shoes and get a new pair designed for this condition.


There are different ways of treating this condition based on how severe the condition is. There are ways of treating it at home, drugs and surgery methods. Wear the right shoes to say goodbye to Morton’s Neuroma.

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