When you have enlarged congested veins beneath the surface tissue of your rectum that is the last area of your bowel or just at the opening of your bowel, that is your anus, then you are having hemorrhoid. Hemorrhoid wipes is an amazing option. They sometimes may or may not be painful depending on the intensity and the type of hemorrhoid because internal hemorrhoids most times are not painful. They do shrink blood vessels. The symptoms of hemorrhoids include irritation, itching, pain, bleeding, discomfort, and swelling. At times they may be mucous discharge from the rectum. Another name for this condition is called pile and it can make simple activities like sitting and walking uncomfortable and challenging.

Internal hemorrhoids are found inside the lining of the rectum and they cannot be seen or felt unless they prolapse and are pushed out through the anus during a bowel movement. Most times, internal hemorrhoids do not cause pain and do not have any symptom but when they are pushed out during a bowel moment, they include birth itching and discomfort. It can be gently pushed back into the rectum through the anus The external hemorrhoids can be typically seen located beneath the skin on the outer surface of the anus. Bleeding is one common symptom associated with external hemorrhoid and the affected individual will have a feeling of fullness at their anal opening.

Hemorrhoids may resolve on their own yet they sometimes need treatment and care. These treatments can be done with a home natural remedy, use of hemorrhoid products or via surgery. Aside from these treatments options, hemorrhoids can be taken care of using the hemorrhoid wipes to clean the anal region after a bowel movement.  There are many effective ways of easing the discomfort and irritation of hemorrhoids and the hemorrhoid wipes is one of them. The hemorrhoid wipe is a medicated cloth well moisturized designed for cleaning the anorectal region other than using a toilet paper or a clot that could irritate the hemorrhoids in the anal area. Keeping hemorrhoids clean and dry can help soothe the hemorrhoids, reduces skin damage and rescue irritation and pains. They can be used every day to give an effective hemorrhoid relief to an external hemorrhoid condition.

Hemorrhoid wipes possess the following qualities:

A hemorrhoid wipe is gentle and soft to touch thus recusing inflammation of the anal region. 

They are also easily disposable since most of them are flushable but it is advisable to flush one wipe at a time.

They give soothing relief by reducing irritation.

They can be used with ointment to reduced hemorrhoids

They are pre moisturized

The active ingredient in the hemorrhoids is the witch hazel.

A hemorrhoid wipe should have a relative size

The following guidelines would help you on how to make use of the hemorrhoid wipes when using it as a moist compress:

Gently wash the affected area with warm water and a non-fragrance soap

Old the wipe to a desirable size and place in contact with the irritated area for a soothing and a cooling effect.

Leave it for about 15 minutes so it would absorb the moistures

Reap as needed.

Dispose of properly as they are considered really safe for septic systems.

When you want to pull out a wipe from the container, you should gently do it so as to avoid pulling out more than one wipe at a time leaving you with more than you need. If you decide to return an already pulled out hemorrhoid wipe back into its container, you might end up introducing bacteria into the pile of your fresh wipes in the container thus contaminating them.

Aside from using hemorrhoids for giving a soothing relief to hemorrhoids, they can be used for other purposes. These other purposes include using the hemorrhoid wipes to clear acne because its active ingredient the witch hazel helps in absorbing out excess oil on the skin. They can also be used to clean up when you are having a yeast infection. You can also consider this product as a medium for cleaning up after a bowel movement if you feel that toilet paper is not comfortable enough for you to make use of.

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