Confidence isn’t something you’re born with. This might come as a shock, but everyone has to fight their way through insecurities and problems in order to get to a good spot in their life. In some cases, this fight can end up being tougher than you think.

Still, it’s something you really have to strive for. A big part of building your confidence is establishing some healthy habits that improve your self-image and motivation. Here are some good examples to start with.

A consistent bedtime routine

Right before you fall asleep, you’re probably thinking about how you’re going to handle the challenges of tomorrow. Like most of us, a lot of that motivation fades once we have to wrestle with the alarm clock and get up in the morning. You’re going to be able to wake up in time, but you’ll probably feel very sluggish and unmotivated when it’s time to get through your morning routine. However, there are ways of improving your early morning ritual.

Start preparing for your morning way ahead of time. Your bedtime routine could consist of things that would make your morning routine more comfortable. Prepare a tasty breakfast ahead of time, one that doesn’t require much additional preparation. Get your work attire ready for the day and set it aside on a chair. You could even press some juice and put it in the fridge so that it’s well-chilled and waiting for you. When you wake up, you’ll have half your preparation done, and you’ll be motivated to go out and conquer your daily challenges.

Regular exercise regime

At this point, everyone is probably familiar with the health benefits that come from exercising. It’s not a particularly new concept. When you work out, you get to improve your body and make it stronger. If having a healthier body weren’t motivation enough, you also get quite the makeover by shaping your body how you see fit.

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However, a typical exercise doesn’t seem to suit everyone the same way. Hitting the gym or going for a run won’t become a routine that lasts very long, so they forego it. To really see some health benefits, you should aim for something that’s right for you.

Think outside the box for your exercising needs. Do you like martial arts? Practising Tae Kwon Do or Judo is going to get you in shape, while also giving you some practical defence lessons. If you like your exercise with a side of relaxation, you could always take up Yoga. Mould your exercise routine as you see fit and you’ll be able to find something you enjoy, making a healthier habit easier to form.

Better hygiene

There’s nothing that evokes confidence quite like a toothy smile. Our teeth have a huge impact on our overall confidence. Even though they mostly show when we smile, they’re always noticeable. It’s why people often put a lot of emphasis on their dental care. When you improve your smile, you’re improving a big portion of your confidence in social settings.

Taking care of your teeth should be one of your health priorities. Regular brushing and flossing are routines that you should stick with. If you want to stay clear of cavities, you need to cut the sugar and sweets, as they are likely to rot your teeth in spite of regular care.

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What happens when your teeth are already in trouble? Fixing your smile is always an option. Finding yourself a full service dental lab to help clear up any issues with your teeth should be pretty easy. Any procedure you do will be well worth it, especially if you get an ideal smile out of it.

No more comparisons

People like to compare themselves to others. It’s something our parents and friends warn us against daily, but it’s hard not to see everything as a competition. While this may be a tempting line of thought, it’s something that can wreak havoc on your self-confidence.

Everyone is different and people have differing priorities. When you try to measure up to someone else, you’ll always find some way to come up short. There’s no way to be the best at absolutely everything, nor is this a measure of your success. You find ways of improving yourself and finding your own lane to succeed in, and that should be enough. Comparisons will only bring you down, no matter how well you’re doing. This is why it would be best to leave them behind.

Improving your confidence is no easy task. You have to dedicate some of your time towards learning new habits and sticking to them. It’s something you really have to stick to in order to see results. Try some of these habits on for size and you’ll see that your confidence will shoot up pretty quickly.

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