This thought may have crossed your mind in one instance of your existence: “What exactly does hormones do for my body?” The simple answer is this, hormones function as the chemical messengers of the body. They assist in controlling every physiological process including metabolism, the immune system, menstrual cycle, and reproduction. Virtually, hormones are critical to the function of every system in our body. Hence why it is vital that the hormonal balance in our bodies is precise so we can function.

Since your hormones are involved with your metabolism it is important to know that there is specific food that can affect your hormones, which gives you another reason to commit to a well-balanced diet. Here is how your diet can affect your hormones.

Weight gain and loss contributor

Still in relation to metabolism, your diet influences the hormones that are vital in maintaining, reducing, and gaining body mass. There are two pancreatic hormones that come into play when it comes to weight gain and loss: insulin and glucagon. Although both are classified as pancreatic hormones, they function differently.

Insulin is the hormone that attaches itself to glucose molecules to carry them to your cells for your body to use as energy. Glucagon, on the other hand, serves as reserve energy that the pancreas only releases when you go without eating for an extended period of time. For people who are insulin resistant, they are prone to weight gain which can lead to something even more serious, diabetes.

Relieves menopause symptoms

For menopausal females out there, your diet can help you ease your symptoms, specifically a plant-based diet. Being on a plant-based diet can help a woman’s body to boost its self-restorative power when experiencing symptoms of menopause which is the primary objective of Kansas City Wellness Center.

Various plant foods like soy, sesame, and, dried fruit contain phytoestrogens, a nutrient that can aid in raising estrogen levels. Soy, in particular, is also rich in isoflavone, a specific phytoestrogen that helps improve blood cholesterol levels. 

Influences our mental health

The state of our hormonal balance also affects our mental health. For instance, women with elevated levels of cortisol, the hormone responsible for the fight-or-flight reaction of our body and also called the stress hormone, experience PTSD, depression, and anxiety. One of the sources of heightened cortisol level is excessive alcohol intake.

Remember that our hormones have a strong relationship with neurotransmitters, which causes improvements in mood, motivation, and will power, all affected by different mental illnesses.

Dictates the balance

One’s diet direct the balance of hormones in their body. If you are not consuming the right food or lack thereof, then an entire system of your body will have a difficult time functioning.

An essential nutrient that should be part of our food intake is fat. Healthy fats for this matter. Healthy fats including Omega 3 and 6 are both important for hormone production and maintaining their proper function. 

Now that you know that hormones are very important, remember that balance is key. Supplement yourself with the right food intake and a healthier lifestyle so your mind and body can function like a well-oiled machine.

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