Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body, and it helps to keep the body system as one. They are the supporting structures that hold the cells together.  It’s found in the muscles, skin, bones, and tendons. There is endogenous collagen which is naturally produced by the body and exogenous collagen which is obtained from outside sources like supplements. As the body ages, its collagen production efficiency reduces which makes it important to devise a means on how to increase collagen production in the body. The following home remedies to increase collagen should definitely be considered:


Skin fillers

These are synthetic collagens that are obtained from humans, cows, birds, and marine animals. They are important in boosting the volume of the body and thus fill the lines and wrinkles. Dermal fillers are made from different products and whatever works for one person might not work for the other. It’s recommended you get a patch test to determine what works best for you. This can be done in a clinic or by an aesthetician.


Facial massage

A massage stimulates the production of collagen through increased blood flow to the cell and tissues. Massaging the face makes the muscles to relax and operate optimally. In fact, a majority of the face resurfacing and rejuvenation practices are optimized to first increases and improve blood circulation which will eventually lead to proper delivery of minerals and nutrients.


Use of collagen creams

One of the major drawbacks of a majority of the collagen creams is the size. While choosing your brand, it’s essential to select the one that has small molecules to ensure that it’s quickly absorbed in the skin.


Hydrating and moisturizing skin care

The major ingredients in these products are hyaluronic acid, copper, retinol, vitamins B’s and other important compounds that help the skin cells to grow and maintain skin moisture. Rather than working on a trial and error on which is the best product that will work for you, it’s advisable to visit a dermatologist for advice.


Use of collagen supplements

There are different types of collagen supplements in the market just as the way collagen does different roles in the body. You can buy the hydrolyzed or the powder collagen supplements which can easily dissolve in either cold or hot water.


However, there are also pills which can be taken with water. Rather than buying a collagen supplement randomly, it’s advisable to seek the guidance of a physician or your dermatologist if your main aim is to enhance beauty and aesthetics. Also, note that these supplements do not supply collagen directly to the body. They are broken down in the digestive system.

Adverse effects of excess collagen

Despite collagen having such essential roles in the body, if you take too much of synthetic collagen, you will end up having some adverse effects like nausea, heartburn, drowsiness, diarrhea, and other skin conditions that can lead to pimpling, itching, hypersensitivity or inflammations. These mostly results from animal collagen which is loaded with calcium and have a risk of causing calcium overdose.

How to prevent collagen degeneration

Low collagen levels in the body have been associated with rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, and sclerosis. Some of the best strategies to counter these conditions are through collagen degeneration preventive measures.

Some of the actionable practices to take include:

  • reducing sun exposure.
  • taking proper care of your skin.
  • use of appropriate anti-aging methods.
  • other measures that improve the efficiency of the body metabolic system.


Why collagen matters? 

Collagens are strong fibers formed from fibrils which are built from procollagen molecules. The most essential nutrients required in this process are vitamins and proteins. The formation of collagen from these nutrients is a process, and it slows down with aging. As collagen decreases in the body, the skin loses elasticity and firmness required to maintain a young smooth looking body.  


Other Home Remedies to Increase Collagen

You can use various methods to reduce collagen degeneration and also apply various strategies to boost collagen production in the body as discussed above.

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