In this article, I will show you the best and most common homeopathic remedies for the flu and cold.

I will show you how to best use these remedies depending on how your illness is expressed. Getting the flu or cold is very annoying and it’s a big inconvenience in our lives. 

Luckily, homeopathic remedies offer a safe, effective, and inexpensive alternative to fighting acute colds and flus.

Besides for my own experience for myself and others in dealing with colds and flus homeopathically, there is research showing that homeopathy is clinically effective for taking on these sicknesses.

But before jumping into the remedies, let’s get a solid basic understanding of influenza (and colds) so we better know how to tackle it with homeopathy.

The Basics of Influenza

Influenza is one of the most common viral infections out there in the world. Just in the U.S. alone, there are about 3 million flu cases per year.

Typical symptoms include:

  • fever.
  • chills.
  • muscle aches.
  • coughing.
  • congestion.
  • runny nose.
  • headaches.
  • tiredness.
  • nausea.
  • swollen lymph nodes.
  • throat irritation or soreness.

The influenza virus is easily spreadable in a variety of ways such as by coughing, sneezing, touching, saliva contact, or by touching an object that was used or touched by an infected patient.


Influenza: More Self-Treatable Than You Think

The only time that it can generally be fatal is when it is contracted by a very young child or by the elderly. Men and women between those two age periods are more able to deal with it on a much less serious scale.



Homeopathic Remedies For The Flu and Cold



Your average flu can last between a few days until a few weeks on average. The quicker and more efficiently it is treated, the sooner it can disappear.

In general, as long as a flu patient rests and drinks plenty of fluids, this will allow the body to fight the infection on its own.


When is Influenza Dangerous?

Of course, there are exceptions to this, such as:

  • during a deadly flu epidemic.
  • when it’s contracted by…
    • young children.
    • pregnant women.
    • those with long-term chronic illnesses.
    • those with weak immune systems.


Treatments Used Today

Every couple of years or so, different medicines are offered by physicians to help fight the flu. Some of these have changed over the years. Here are the most common ones generally used today:

  • Menthol.
  • Advil.
  • Tylenol.
  • Mucinex.
  • Sudafed.
  • other over the counter anti-inflammatory and pain medications.
  • nasal irrigation.
  • vaccines.


Although these can help, many of these treatment primarily work by suppressing the body’s flu symptoms, instead of allowing the body to fight it on its own. By suppressing the symptoms, this just creates a recipe for side effects, which in some cases may prove to be more than mild.

That being said, this is not an argument for or against vaccines or any of the other aforementioned methods. Everyone should ask their own health practitioner for a final say on this matter.


The Homeopathic Approach: Safe, Gentle, & Effective!

Even if one is using conventional medications and getting a vaccine shot, homeopathy can serve at worst as a supporting medical mechanism, and at best, one of your safest, easiest, and most effective form of healing that you can rely on.

Homeopathy’s energetic method of holistic healing can not only heal the surfacing flu conditions, but can also treat the person by tackling the core symptoms affecting him the most. This approach is what leads to better results.

And it’s much cheaper in cost to you as well. Unless you are purchasing a large pack of remedies, a single remedy can cost anywhere between $5-$10 easily.

For these reasons, this is why several physicians of both the western and alternative medicines are beginning to recommend the use of homeopathy, whether as a prime or secondary therapeutic approach.

In addition to that, people are raving about how well homeopathy has worked for them during the flu and cold seasons:



Homeopathic Remedies For The Flu and Cold


Check Out The Remedies

Here are some homeopathic remedies for the flu and cold that may be of great help.

Each of the following remedies [and for that matter, all homeopathic remedies] is geared towards an individual with unique symptoms in their own specific cold and/or flu illness.

Note: All remedies are recommended to be taken at 30c unless otherwise recommended by your local homeopath.


The essence of Aconite for chronic cases is generally a suddenness or shock throughout a person’s case. So too, this can apply to one with an acute cold or flu.

Homeopathic Remedies For The Flu and Cold

An aconite patient will experience the onset of cold. Their day will be going great until their energy SUDDENLY decreases to the point that they feel utterly sick.

They will feel worse after being exposed to chilly weather and/or the wind. The Aconite patient will also have a dry cough and clear discharges.


Allium cepa

Allium is derived from onion, making it a perfect remedy for one who experiences a cold similar to the way one would experience an allergy.

A cold patient that experiences a type of burning, especially in the eyes, clear discharge, sneezing, tickling, and feels better from open, fresh air should consider this remedy.

Antimonium tartanicum

Antimonium is can be effective for those with sputum that is difficult to rise. Those needing this remedy may also have a nonproductive cough that wet & wheezy.



Arsenicum works for cold and flu patients that are very restless when sick.homeopathic remedies for the flu and cold

In addition, a person needing this remedy likes to sip water, feels that every part of the body burns and aches, has discharges, and may have chills with the fever.

For Arsenicum patients, hot drinks ameliorate. The patient may experience vomiting as well as diarrhea or alternating into a flu.



People needing Belladonna tend to experience sensations going upwards into the head and high fever. Their skin heats up, and their coughs will be spasmodic or ticklish.

They may also have a pale and red face and have delirium.

Belladonna is also great for throbbing earaches while having the flu, cold or other acute conditions.


A typical Bryonia patient with the flu or cold does not want to be moved, will want to be left alone, and will tend to talk about business and money while ill.

In a patient needing Bryonia, the motion of pain is downward, unlike Belladonna, downwards towards chest. Light pressure feels better, but he/she still do not want to move. Chest will have a hard raking cough.



Hypersensitive, extreme responses to pain, like SCREAMING,  typify a flu or cold patient needing homeopathic Chamomilla.

They will also want to be held, have stopped up ears, and great amount of thirst. Sometimes one cheek is red and the other cheek is pale.


Homeopathic Remedies For The Flu and Cold


Made from the woody nightshade, Dulcamara is an effective cold and flu remedy for those with a sore throat, and sensations down to the chest which may lead to vomiting.

For the Dulcamara patient, lying down aggravates, and he or she is worse when exposed to wet and cold weather.

Eupatorium purpureum

If you are experiencing deep bone pain as well as deep aches in the bone, then this remedy may help.

The patient needing this remedy will most likely have eyes that feel sore, and conversation will weaken or aggravate him or her.


Utilized also in herbal medicine, this eyebright plant derivative is a tremendous cold and flu aid when the eyes are watery, bland, non burning discharges occur.

Homeopathic Remedies For The Flu and ColdThe discharges could be worse at night or while lying down.

Ferrum phosphoricum

The essence of Ferrum Phosphoricum is that one’s energy burns slowly but brightly. Thus, this is used especially for when the symptoms occur at a slow onset, for the beginning stages of colds, flus, earaches, inflammation.

It should be noted that in most cases, patients that do well with this remedy tend not to show any weird, strange, or characteristic symptoms, besides for redness on the cheeks.


Gelsemium is the first remedy to think of for acute summer-time colds and allergies, especially when one is also overcome by drowsiness and ptosis.

People needing this remedy also tend to have lots of sneezing, dry cough, a lack of thirst, paralysis, respiratory issues and/or diarrhea. Many of these symptoms may be stemmed from anxiety.

I have used personally this remedy numerous times when it was indicated. This remedy can really get you back on your feet!

Hepar Sulph.


Hepar is a great sore throat and cough remedy [more specifically, when there is a sticking or stiff sensation in throat], especially when one’s throat is very inflammatory after an exposure to the cold or dry air.

The Hepar patient will feel ameliorated by the warmth and his or her mucus may be thick and yellow.

Kali Carbonicum

This is great for brassy coughs and for when pain wanders and appears in spots throughout the body, all while suffering with the cold or flu. This is another remedy I have seen personally work in action!


Homeopathic Remedies For The Flu and Cold

Kali Muriaticum

A homeopathic combination of potassium and salt, Kali Muriaticum is an effective cold and flu remedy when one has snapping and popping in their ears.


Magnesium phosphate

Magnesium phosphate is a very effective cold and flu remedy for when one also feels sharp, stabbing, nervy pains, leading to nerve exhaustion. One’s nerve circuits will wear out, causing one to feel burnt out and thus requiring this remedy.



Mercurius patients will experience chills that will lead. to wet, goopy discharges. These discharges will will make a burning sensation on the skin.

They will also have profuse salivation or perspiration and warm beds. Everything warm aggravates and they may also have abscesses while sick.


Natrum Muriaticum

Natrum Muriaticum is chronically used for people that have grief and still hang on to disappointment from a past event.

This makes Natrum Muriaticum a great cold and flu remedy when symptoms occur after a grieving or a disappointment, such as sneezing, clear discharges like water, and skin irritation.

People needing this remedy want to be left alone, and they feel worse when consolated. They also will crave salt and be thirsty.


Nux Vomica

Nux Vomica is great for someone with the flu and cold who feels that their under the “spells,” or dizziness. They will experience a variety of inharmonious symptoms such as sneezing, spasms, cramps, and urgings to vomit.

Everything is spasmed up in a Nux Vomica patient. He or she will may also have coughing that ends in vomiting. Coughing may especially manifest in a teasing cough or tickle that leads to a spasm.

I actually have personally used Nux Vomica for a cold that matched many of the above conditions and can attest that I felt totally back to normal within an hour, as if nothing happened.



Commonly nicknamed as “Oscillo,” Oscillococcinum is considered to be the leading homeopathic remedy for influenza. Oscillococcinum is derived from the heart and liver of ducks. Since about 80% of ducks have the flu virus in their system, their livers are safely converted into homeopathic remedies to fight it.

It is considered to be very effective when prescribed within the first 48 hours of the onset of the flu.Homeopathic Remedies For The Flu and Cold

According to the Materia Medica of Dr. Robert Murphy, N.D., it is highly recommended to take one dose of Oscillococcinum 200c per 2-3 hours, or to repeat when necessary.

Remarkably, many clinical trials have demonstrated the effectiveness of Oscillococcinum as a highly effective remedy for treating influenza. It’s no wonder why it is very popular now and sold in France and the United States.



This remedy is wonderful for colds and influenza accompanied by hard, dry tickling coughs, that get excited from cold air.

This may also be accompanied by nausea and feelings of hoarseness and anxiety. They desperately need company when they are ill.

Phosphorus should be considered when you see these indications.



Rumex is very good for those who are very sensitive to cold air while ill. The typical Rumex patient will be worse from warm to cold weather, and their coughs are worse from lying down and at night.

They also will want to protect their breath from cold air since it causes cough spasms. They’ll want to cover up under the sheets since they are sensitive to cool air.



Consider Spongia when exhaustion or overwork lead to cold or flu-like symptoms along with difficulty breathing.

Besides for feeling wiped out, warm foods and drinks will ameliorate.



Homeopathic Remedies For The Flu and Cold – Now You Know!

You now have a list of the most common and useful homeopathic remedies for the cold and flu. This will come in handy anytime you or anyone you know gets a cold or flu. You can use this article as an easy and quick reference.

Some of you reading this may be wondering how to take homeopathic remedies. Click here for the answer to that question which includes both text and video instructions.


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