The homeopathic remedy Natrum Muriaticum is derived from sodium chloride.

The compound itself is chemically unstable on its own and needs to be bonded with another element in order to be stable. Sodium and chloride is on opposite sides of the periodic table.

Sodium chloride can be found in a variety of natural, human, and man-made products such as saltwater, tears, and table salt.

Video Summary

This short video by homeopath Dr. Tom Rowe, M.D. gives a short and sweet summary of Natrum Muriaticum and it’s uses in homeopathy:

Brooding Depression

Natrum Muriaticum is a top remedy for grief and depression. Usually, people needing this remedy will report that they’ve never felt well overall since a grief, tragedy, or disappointment or any sort.

The catalyst event will be so heartbreaking and hard felt to the point that even after a long period of time, the person will continue to brood over it. They will dwell over past disagreeables.

Natrum Muriaticum users will have deep painful sadness, especially over the past and will close themselves off to alleviate their pain. 

Sometimes though, they may even feel good from other people’s problems or expressing their issues. They may even make great therapists or great homeopaths, feeling good from hearing other people’s problems.

They will also have depressive or even schizophrenic response to this kind of sad pain.

Alternatively, people needing Natrum Muriaticum may also have hysterical responses to these negative events.

Loneliness & Bonding

As mentioned before, Natrum Muriaticum is usually indicated by the fact that they build an emotional wall to keep themselves safe from emotional disappointments, such as broken relationships.homeopathic remedy natrum muriaticum

Therefore, they are closed off from everyone and everything. They want to be alone and stay crowded in their own feelings.

It even goes so far to the point that they may feel worse from consolation.

They may need a drink to open up to other people.

On the other hand, they also have a strong need to bond. As sensitive individuals, they want a connection in a 1 on 1 relationship with others, whether personal or romantic. But because of their introvertedness, no one would ever know about this. Natrum Muriaticums usually have only 1 best friend.

Similarly, they falls in love with unattainable men even though she can’t be with them, it resonates with them, not really because they wanna do it

They may also have this kind of longing for a connection with their mother, whether she is alive or not. Often, their issues may come on from the death of their mother.

It can also manifest into different ways. For example, a Natrum Muriaticum woman may fall in love with unattainable men even though she can’t be with them, because it resonates with her, not really because she really wants to do it.

This is the inner, core conflict of most persons needing Natrum Muriaticum: feeling alone and separated and wanting to connect with other people.

Other Notable Personality Aspects

Natrum Muriaticums are generally quite responsible and perfectionistic, because they need to keep things together.

They can be shameless in bed during relations.

People needing this remedy are known for having fears, specifically of burglars, claustrophobia, and crowds along with health concerns over trivial things.


Natrum Muriaticum is one of the biggest, if not the biggest, remedy for headaches and migraines.  The headaches will feel like little hammers tapping constantly on the head. homeopathic remedy natrum muriaticum

This remedy is also known to help school kids with headaches, especially when it’s a result from not being able to social fit in. 

If one is experiencing headaches as a result of grief and disappointment or from hormonal/menstrual related issues, then consider this remedy.

Upper Respiratory Issues

People needing this remedy tend to have discharges that are clear, like egg whites.

It’s a good cold, hay fever remedy when indicated. 

The remedy is also good for asthma when indicated, especially when the person is worse in the evening between 5-8 PM.

Skin Conditions

Natrum Muriaticum is great for the following skin conditions when indicated:

  • dry skin.
  • hives.
  • eczema.
  • psoriasis.
  • cold sores.
  • herpetic eruptions.
  • crack on the bottom of the lip.
  • vaginal dryness.
  • hang nails.
  • cracked and bleeding nails.


One very notable keynote of Natrum Muriaticum is that it’s known for a craving or aversion to salt.

People needing this remedy tend to crave sour, lemon, alcohol, beer, fish, and ale. 

They usually have aversions to slimy food, oysters, and meat fat.

Other Interesting Physical Symptoms

  • Constipation and hard stools.
  • Urinary tract infections in which they cannot urinate in front of others or urinate in their pants when they’re walking fast.
  • They can be nail bitters.
  • Difficulty falling asleep.
  • Eyes are worse from bright light.
  • Worse from air and moving wind.
  • Worse from the sun.
  • Feels depleted.
  • Prime aggravation is at 10AM in the morning.
  • May feel better or worse from the ocean.
  • Tends to be warm.
  • Good for neurological diseases, autoimmune disease (when indicated).

Natrum Muriaticum Kids

Like the adults, Natrum Muriaticum children don’t like consolation and can homeopathic remedy natrum muriaticumbe aloof.

They desire to be alone and need time to be with themselves. To compensate for this, they may also be promiscuous.

In any fight or confrontation, they may take on the blame because it’s easier to deal with them to face the issue head on. As a result they may also have asthma as a way that they can’t express their feelings.

Similarly, Natrum Muriaticum children may have developmental delays in expression.  They can express themselves, but for whatever reason they choose not to.

Children needing this remedy also are not flexible and more ambivalent. They want things to be both ways.

They have high standards of being responsible because it’s the right thing to do.

On a more physical note, they can have canker sores, heart palpitations, and emotional sighing. 


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  • Grief, tragedy, deep sadness or disappointment or any sort… After Tuesday’s election in American, I need this remedy.

    I’m curious… Is Natrum Muriaticum the remedy or the personality type? Confused by this in the article.It sounds like it’s the remedy?

    Very interesting post. I’ve been studying Ayurveda for the past 10 years, so I’m always very interested in any alternative health information. Thank you for the post.

    • Very funny you said that; you’ll see why if you check out my Instagram homepage “Refuah Homeopathy.”

      Everything in the article describes both the personality as well as the symptoms that Natrum Muriaticum matches (as do other articles on this site). Meaning if you see a person with the conditions, mentality, and symptoms more or less as described in the article, then it’s likely that they may need this remedy/the remedy is a good match for them.

      That’s very interesting that your studying Ayurveda! I learned about it a bit at my school and the philosophy is very similar to both homeopathy and other energy-based medicines like acupuncture. Thanks for reading and good luck in your studies!

  • This is really interesting. I have heard of homeopathic remedies but never really know what it is about. This article really shed light on the potency of different remedies and I am surprised it works beyond the physical body and can alleviate emotional issues. Great piece, thanks for sharing! I also like your other articles in this website – they are truly informative.

  • very informative article. How do I know if this remedy is for me…. I just went through a very tough breakup this month. Lost someone very dear to me and I cant stop thinking about that person. The way I am around people is different and I get sad everytime I think of the person too. Can you tell me more information about this remedy!

  • I have Hyperthyroidism tsh – 0.01 ..! and palpitations at its worst. Can I have this medicine .. oh and I hate allopathy.. thanks

  • woah i saw an homeopath two weeks ago and she prescribed me this Natrum Mur and when i read all the symptoms i can recognise myselft in almost everything.
    I think she has done a good job, will see if it works. My scalp psoriasis already disappeared 🙂


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