Homeopathy Treatment For Weight Loss?!

homeopathy for weight loss

Lately, I have been asked by patients and online fans if I can provide homeopathy treatment for weight loss. Whether they have or don’t have other issues or symptoms affecting them in their lives, they seem to present this as one of their top issues.

If you are looking for a quick answer, then the answer for this question is: yes and no, but more on the “no” side. I will explain what I mean.



The Reason Why It’s a NO

The job of a homeopath is not primarily to help you loss weight, but rather to enhance your well being on all levels, including physical, emotional, and mental through the proper use of homeopathic remedies.homeopathy for weight loss

Common challenges with weight loss are generally a result of a person not eating a proper diet or not living a stable lifestyle.

Binging on junk food, not exercising, using drugs, and doing other unhealthy activities can obviously lead to weight issues.

Additionally, no medicine, conventional or alternative, will make a difference in your health if your diet and exercise are not in check. This is a fact dating back to centuries.

For that, you need to consult with a good and qualified nutritionist, who will guide you in making the right choices for your daily diet and exercise.



That being said, there are also times where homeopathy can really help with a person’s weight issues. This is usually the case when weight loss issues are a result of incidents in life that lead a person to having weight issues, or when diet changes aren’t helping.

Often, something critical such as the death of a loved one, an unhealthy life transition, or a shocking event, and other similar mental/emotional traumas can bring on weight gain as a result.

When we aren’t mentally or emotionally stable, this biologically has a direct effect our bodies, which can lead to things such as gaining weight. Not all weight issues are just from improper diet.

In these and other cases, homeopathy can aid a person by addressing deeper core issues that are leading to a person’s imbalance in their vitality, in which weight loss and other physical, mental, and emotional issues are just branches of the entire inner cause(s) that lead to this imbalance.

Keep in mind though that there is not one sole remedy that can support in one’s journey to shedding those unwanted pounds. Homeopathic remedies are usually given on an individual basis and specifically tailored for the person and their overall complaints.




My Recommendation

In my opinion, the most correct option f0r any person that wants to lose weight is to ask themselves this question: “when did I start putting on tons of pounds?”

If the innermost root of this issue is simply from a lack of proper diet or from being in an environment where the diet being provided isn’t healthy enough, then seek out a nutritionist, who can help you make the right dietary changes and advice.homeopathy for weight loss

If you feel that your weight issues go farther back and are deeper root causes, then it’s best to see a homeopath for a consultation, who can help you restore your vitality on all levels: physical, mental, and emotional, which includes weight challenges as well.

By doing this, not only will your weight loss issues be addressed, but any other issues you have may be resolved in the most efficient way possible.

If you are able to use both at the same time, then that is the most ideal way to loss weight, since they both do not interfere with each other.



A Personal Example

I had a client who came to see me several months ago with major health issues. Although he didn’t really give much emphasis to it, he very briefly explained his improper diet and the fact that he is overweight (he did not make it seem like it was such a big deal).

Based on the case presented, I gave him a remedy that I thought best matched his personality and his issues. After a month and a half, we spoke on the phone before his upcoming follow up.

Besides the fact that most of his symptoms were starting to clear up, he felt mentally and emotionally stronger, and even lost 5-6 pounds! He changed his diet and started eating a much healthier diet than before.

So, what happened?


homeopathy for weight loss



Homeopathy didn’t directly cause him to lose weight. What homeopathy did was that it energetically gave this client the boost he needed to make the diet and weight changes that he needed to, resulting in a loss of weight.

At the end of the day, everyone needs to make the effort to change. But the beauty of homeopathy is that, it can totally enhance our well being by giving us the energetic “push” to make the right choices and to change on an unbelievable level!


Another example is myself. I have had my own success in losing weight with my constitutional remedy as well as proper diet and exercise. 



Conclusion: Homeopathy Treatment for Weight Loss – Depends

To wrap this post up, homeopathy can be useful for weight loss depending on the causes of weight loss, whether it’s a result of a horrible diet and lack of exercise, or if the causes are much deeper and more ingrained than that.

If you can see both a homeopath and a nutritionist, then you are on the way to feeling and being the best that you can be!

10 Replies to “Homeopathy Treatment For Weight Loss?!”

  1. Hi there,

    I completely agree with you. The point of homeopathy is not to address any one specific problem per se, like weight loss. But it is rather to enhance well being on all levels.

    I think people fall into the trap sometimes of thinking that if they could only lose weight they would be much happier and healthier. But it takes a multi pronged approach in order for that to happen.

    Nice Work!

    1. Thanks Alec! It’s a big mistake people make with homeopathy, which is really a fundamental principle of homeopathy.

  2. Hi,

    You bring up a very good point in that weight issues are related to various things. For example, if a person is eating a healthy diet and exercising but not getting enough sleep, they may still have trouble with their weight. There are also several medical conditions, such as PCOS, that can contribute to weight problems due to chemical changes in the body.

    It sounds like homeopathy can sort of reset your body chemistry and allow you a jump start to making healthier choices. Thank you for the explanation on how it could help, but might not.


  3. You’re right, there are other reasons for people gaining weight that are totally unrelated to their diet. I had a relative once who lost her mother and she was recently divorced, looking after two kids by herself and though her everyday life was a challenge, she was gaining weight. It was due to the trauma of the loss of her mother right after her husband had announced the divorce. It was really hard on her.

    1. Yikes, that’s rough….and definitely another proof of this idea that I mentioned. Thanks for sharing.

  4. By raising weights, you are going to shed a handful of calories as well as avoid your metabolic process coming from decelerating, which is a typical adverse effects from losing weight.

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