How to fight depression with aromatherapy.

According to research, depression affects 350 million people worldwide out of which a million commits suicide every year. These devastating results are just one of the proofs that depression shouldn’t be taken lightly, but treated as a true life-threatening health concern. In the sea of great depression alleviators, aromatherapy has shown some significant impact. Thanks to the safe use of essential oils, within the practice of holistic aromatherapy, you can easily alleviate symptoms of depression and improve the overall emotional condition.



Self-massaging your arms, legs and feet will help you improve circulation and reduce stress. Massage soothing oils into your skin to feel great, and enhance your emotional outlook. If you like morning massages, skin-safe energizing and uplifting oils are the best choice. For nighttime massages, on the other hand, calming oils are the best option. Lavender skincare essential oil has been proven to promote relaxation and de-stress the body. It also decreases sleep disturbances, moodiness and improves overall health. Avoid massages directly before bedtime, because no matter how relaxing they are, massages also increase blood circulation which can potentially make you more awake. If you decide to have a massage before bed, make it at least an hour earlier.

Aromatic sprays and candles

Aromatic sprays and candles

Having the room constantly filled with aromatic scents will improve your mood drastically so it would be a good idea to have aromatic candles in your home as well. This is especially true if you plan to spend some time reading a book in your bedroom or living room. Have the fresh scents of bergamot and lavender fill the room and help you relax. Furthermore, to keep your bedding always fresh, think about spritzing a dash of aromatic linen spray all over your sheets and enjoy the soothing aromas as you slumber deep. Repeat the step every day to create relaxing aromatherapy in your bedroom every night.

Room diffusion

One of the ways to include aromatherapy into your everyday routine is to use room diffusers. Ultrasonic diffusers, for example, use water and ultrasonic waves to diffuse essential oils into the room. Depending on the size of the room, you can also get different sizes of diffusers that feature colored lights too. Not only will you be able to diffuse essential oils into the room, but also humidify the wanted space as well. Bergamot oil is very stimulating which makes it a wonderful antidepressant. By creating a feeling of energy, freshness and joy, you’ll feel instantly better. Candle diffusers can also make you feel relaxed and alleviate symptoms of depression, and they utilize a tea light or other candles to lightly heat the essential oil. In this way, they help diffuse the room awakening all of your senses. Not only are they less expensive than ultrasonic ones, but candle diffusers make a great decorative element in your home too.

Bath and showering oils

Bath and showering oils

You’ll want to feel relaxed and soothed before bed, which is why you should start including aromatherapy into your shower or bath routine. With only a drop or two of essential oil on the back edge of your tub or shower, you’ll have a wonderful oasis of relaxation in your own bathroom. Make sure you place drops where the undiluted oil can’t directly touch your skin. The oil will start to evaporate under the influence of hot water and steam, thus providing you with the ever-needed calming ambiance. If you prefer morning showers, rosemary, geranium, cypress or orange essential oils will lift your energy and prepare you for the new day. Roman chamomile, sandalwood, rose and lavender are the perfect choices for night baths and showers because they promote relaxation and will help you sleep much better. For bedtime baths, feel free to use bath salts which will relax your muscles, relaxing your entire body in return as well.

Depression is a serious health problem that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Thanks to aromatherapy, symptoms of depression can be alleviated so feel free to try out some of the aromatherapy methods. Whether you decide to diffuse a room, enjoy essential oils during a shower, massage your body with essential oils or maybe use linen sprays to have your sheets always fresh, aromatherapy will certainly help you feel much better and improve your overall health and emotional outlook at the same time.

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