Botox is a drug made from neurotoxins that cuts communication between muscles and the neurotransmitters. It literally sticks to the nerve endings. FDA approved the wrinkle treatment method in 2002 on the grounds that it never affected the unintended parts. However, extra caution should be exercised when using Botox because the active ingredient which is botulinum toxin is highly toxic.

These toxins temporarily paralyze the muscles or reduce the level of activity in the cells and significantly slow the aging process. Despite that, the results are not always the best in the long run due to imbalanced aging since the un-injected parts continue to age anyway. Having a deep consultative meeting with your dermatologist is the sure way to ensure that you are doing the right thing to reduce or minimize the risks associated with the use of Botox.

Botox is bought as a crystalline substance, but it has to be diluted with saline or any other liquid to form a solution. It’s wise to know the dilution ratio as there are practitioners who use a lot of salines and end up with more solution in an effort to paint a picture to their patient that they are using more Botox on them. Mostly, one vial should be reconstituted with a half teaspoon of crystalline.

The area to be treated should be cleaned with a non-alcoholic cleanser like Hibiclens. A typical anesthetic agent can be used to reduce discomfort. If there is bleeding after the injection, ice or pressure can be applied to the injected area. The amount of Botox to be injected depends on the extent of damage on the face.

However, since one dose or treatment session might not be enough to get rid of all the wrinkles, it’s advisable to take 2 or 3 treatments if the face is severely wrinkled. However, because Botox does not erase the lines but rather relaxes them, dermal fillers can also be used together with Botox as long as the procedure is handled with professionalism. The results will be noticeable within 10 days after the treatment.

Major Advantages of Botox:

  • It’s a minimally invasive treatment
  • The risks of allergic reactions are minimal
  • It’s one of the most affordable cosmetic treatments in the market
  • It can also reduce other pains because it blocks the nerve ending
  • There is almost no downtime associated with this cosmetic treatment
  • The results are almost instant and take at most one week to be noticeable

Risks of using Botox to fight the effects of aging:

  1. There is a risk of the active ingredients traveling to surrounding areas of the targeted area and cause paralysis. To minimize this risk, it’s advisable not to rub the treated area right after injection.
  2. The users are at the risk of developing botulism. A condition that makes the facial muscles to lose flexibility.
  3. There may be swelling, redness, bleeding, pain, and even secondary infection at the place of injection.
  4. Some other health problems associated with the use of Botox are headaches, stomach pain, diarrhea, fever, flu-like symptoms and many more. Anyway, you should visit the dermatologist or the doctor if you see any negative changes in your health after the Botox treatment.
  5. Botox treatment should not be used on patients with egg allergies or pregnant women. Satisfactory prior allergy tests should be done to reduce the risks associated with an allergy.

Wrap up

Irrespective of the risks mentioned above associated with Botox treatment, the immense benefit it offers to the user are undeniably important. As such, to ensure you derive the maximum benefit from the treatment, visit only the qualified practitioners and when possible follow a referral. The number of treatment session will depend on the extent of wrinkling. Botox basically works by relaxing the facial lines rather than erasing them.

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