The popularity of CBD oil has grown dramatically in recent years due to the overwhelming health benefits that scientific research is discovering. Most of these benefits help treat serious illness, but one of the most significant effects is overlooked. So now we have a comprehensive guide to explain how CBD oil can help your workout.

What Is CBD Oil?

It’s true that CBD oil originated from a marijuana-hemp plant, but don’t get this confused with THC, the psychoactive compound in cannabis. On the contrary CBD oil will not get you high and doesn’t contain any THC. In fact, the most alluring part of CBD is that you receive massive health benefits without intoxication. CBD is a natural compound and works within the human body on a molecular level within the endocannabinoid system.

CBD is an anti-inflammatory compound by nature and helps to regulate systems in the body by interacting with the CB1, and CB2 receptors systematically.

Why Does CBD Oil Benefit My Workout?

There are several reasons that CBD oil will benefit your workouts and help you stay in top shape, above the competition.

  • Regular CBD oil doses regulate pain, and fatigue allowing your workouts to last longer and burn more calories. By regulating the pain receptors in the brain CBD can increase your ability to do more reps. It also allows you to get back to your workouts faster free from fatigue.
  • Taking CBD oil before your workouts also ensures you will recover faster. It’s been scientifically proven and publicly published by the National Institute of Health that CBD oil helps reduce inflammation. Well that’s huge for anyone that wants to get the most from every workout. When you work muscles out, they tear, in order to repair themselves stronger then before. The faster they heal the quicker you can work out again and get stronger, faster. This is a popular use for CBD oil by professional athletes and even MMA fighters. Some have noted drastic increases in healing times from hard workouts in the gym. 
  • Being a reliable anti-anxiety compound makes CBD oil especially important for people that push themselves hard in the gym. It’s known to keep people’s anxiety in check which allows you to remain focused and driven. As anyone knows the better you can focus on your workout routine the better it will serve you in the long-run. Remaining focused on each rep and each set, the more you will gain.
  • A big benefit from CBD is that it will increase your REM sleep which contributes to the bodies ability to heal itself. When your body is at rest, especially REM it repairs torn muscles the best. Plus, more sleep typically means you have more energy during the day and during your workouts. Most personal trainers will tell you to maintain a well-balanced sleep schedule. In fact, many gyms in states where CBD oil is popular offer infused CBD oil protein shakes and supplements.
  • Lastly, the most beneficial use for CBD oil is for a person’s over-all health, is that it works on a molecular level helping systems within the body regulate properly. This means that it helps everything you need to function properly within the body, keeping you at peak performance long-term. When your body is at its best your daily workout routine will benefit tremendously. You will see a difference in muscle mass, your cardio will improve, and you will feel stronger, faster.

Side Effects From Using CBD Oil for Your Workouts

  • There has been a lot of clinical studies done showing the side effects from using CBD oil. Most people don’t think these are negative, but they are still considered side effects.
  • CBD may cause you to become more hungry than usual. After all it comes from a marijuana hemp plant and a well-known effect is hunger.
  • Your nails may grow faster as well due to the bodies ability to function properly. When your body gets all the nutrients and rests needed, it will produce more proteins that contribute to hair and nail growth.
  • For an experts opinion, we’ve interviewed several medical marijuana doctors, in good standing with the states licensing requirements. According to respected medical marijuana doctors in Jacksonville, FL the potential of CBD far outweighs the risks.  In fact most of the patients admit that CBD oil gives them an over-all improved health and can allow better fitness in, and out of the gym. 

What CBD Oil Products Can I Buy?

  • There are many convenient ways to take CBD oil. A lot people like tincture oil which is liquid CBD and can be taken orally. You can mix it in with protein powered drinks, or even water.
  • Another popular way to ingest CBD is through taking capsules. This way works well because each dose is measured exactly for you within the gel tab. They are easy to take because you can simply swallow them with some water before you work out each day.
  • Yet another way to take CBD oil effectively is through topicals like patches and lotions. The CBD oil gets absorbed more slowly using this method, but often lasts longer in the body.
  • You can also use CBD vape pens to inhale the CBD content. This would be the least effective way to use CBD for working out since its never advised to “smoke” while trying to stay fit. But vaporizers don’t give you smoke in the traditional sense, they give you vapor which is heated oil that changes into gas that’s inhaled. It’s said to be safer then smoking and free from carcinogens.

Where Can I Find the Best CBD Oil for Fitness?

With the recent popularity of CBD oil sweeping the nation and there are many retailers selling versions of CBD some good, but most are not.  You want to think about CBD the same way

you would think of any dietary supplement. Make sure you read the ingredients to ensure you get pure CBD oil. You don’t want any additives, or preservatives.  

If you research CBD oil online, you will find many reputable companies willing to ship your order anywhere in the country.

Another option is to investigate CBD stores near your location. This can be a great way to educate yourself even more about CBD oil by taking to the people working there. You can also see the different options and compare them side by side, remember to choose wisely and never get any CBD oil that’s not organic and pesticide free.

Final Thoughts About CBD Oil for Fitness

Weather or not you have tried CBD oil for your workout it’s a new option available. Its not something that is readily available like protein powders yet, but its on the way to becoming even more popular.

As with any dietary supplement you should consult a physician before getting started. You want to make sure your body is functioning well and will benefit from using regular CBD doses for fitness activities. You don’t want to take CBD and then find out its masking something that’s wrong already. Because you could overdue your workout without realizing you may not be in shape to push your body that hard.

You may also want to be under the supervision of a personal trainer that works at your gym. They can oversee your workouts and help you make the best of each one. This way you maximize your workouts and get the best health benefits from using CBD oil which will boost your energy, healing times and overall success in the gym.

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