Hypnotherapy is an adjunctive technique that uses hypnosis to treat various conditions. It works by putting the patient in a hypnotic state that features a state of waking awareness where the person feels detached external attention and an intense focus on inner experiences.

Hypnotherapy may be used to treat anxiety and phobias. It also may be used for pain management, smoking cessation, weight loss, depression and more.

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How It Works

During the session, the patient goes through a process that brings a trance-like state that helps the person focus their mind, respond better to suggestions, and enter a state of deep relaxation. Hypnotherapy uses this increased awareness to help the patient focus on a problem more intensely.

During hypnotherapy, you are guided by the therapist to visualize yourself in a state of relaxation and peacefulness, even when dealing with problem behavior or the object of fear.

Your therapist may make general suggestions to alter your behavior so that you can beat your issue. For instance, you may be instructed to see yourself as a helpful and supportive advisor when you are having a phobic reaction so you learn to better trust yourself to get through the stressful situation.

You also may learn several cognitive behavioral coping skills, including guided imagery that you can count on when dealing with a fear. You also may talk about the first time you dealt with the problem that you are attempting to overcome.


Hypnotherapy can be tried for many conditions and problems. Research shows that hypnotherapy can be useful for:

  • Chronic pain
  • Dementia
  • Vomiting and nausea
  • Childbirth pain
  • Pain during surgery or dental procedures
  • Skin problems such as warts
  • Irritable bowel syndrome
  • ADHD

Hypnotherapy can be practiced by psychologists and doctors to treat anxiety, depression, and eating disorders.


The ways that hypnotherapy affects people can vary. Some experience more dramatic things than others. Some people may simply feel relaxed when they undergo the treatment.

Some people remain totally aware during the experience. They remember everything and can recall conversations they had while they were hypnotized. Others may get so relaxed that they feel detached from the world around them.

For many, hypnotherapy helps them to achieve higher levels of relaxation and to deal with their problems more effectively. It is worth giving it a try with a therapist who is skilled in hypnotherapy.

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