Recovering from a serious injury can feel like an overwhelming process. But if you take things step by step, you’ll quickly find yourself feeling whole and well again.

Get Plenty of Sleep

Restful sleep is vital for your recovery. Unfortunately, sleeping can be difficult when you’re in pain. Start a routine of going to bed early, and let yourself sleep in late whenever possible. If you feel like you need a nap, take one.

Don’t forget to make your sleeping area as comfortable as possible. Change the sheets frequently, play calming music, and open the window to let in the fresh air. A few extra pillows and a soft blanket will help speed you along the path to good health.

Focus on Nutrition

Your body can’t heal unless you give it the proper fuel. Make sure that your diet includes a balance of meats, healthy grains or starches, and vegetables. Your doctor will be able to help you develop a nutrition plan that’s specific to your current needs.

You should also eat foods that make you happy. Plan a cheat day for some foods and prepare healthy foods you adore. A bowl of your favorite soup, a scoop of chocolate ice cream, or a burger from a restaurant that you love will all help you feel better emotionally, and those good feelings can translate directly to physical recovery. Check with your doctor if you’re worried about breaking your nutrition plan.

Start Exercising Again

Exercise is an important part of physical and mental health. Even after you’ve completed the physical therapy assigned by the hospital or recovery center, you should still seek expert guidance to help restore your full range of motion.

Work with your trainer to develop a daily routine that keeps you moving while taking your recovery into account. Once you’re ready, consider picking up an active hobby that gives you an excuse to raise your heart rate a few times a week.

Go Outside in Nature

Fresh air and natural scenery can do wonders to help you recover. Spend some time soaking up the sunlight every day; you might go for a walk, read on your front porch, or drive out to a nearby national park.

If you’re stuck indoors for a few months, try adopting a small houseplant. Spider plants, philodendrons, and other easy-to-care-for species will filter the air in your room and might even help boost your mood.

After you’ve had a serious injury, you may feel that you need to rebuild your entire lifestyle. Use this opportunity to begin new habits and to make changes that will support your health in the long term. If you start slow and keep making steady progress, you’ll feel better in no time.

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