Dealing with guilt and shame holds you back in life. Whether you feel guilty about a specific event that you were responsible for, or whether you have no idea why you feel this way, it is important to take back control over your emotions. Sadly, unaddressed guilt and shame can cause you to try to mask your emotions with drugs or alcohol. You may also be afraid to go after your goals if your shameful emotions cause you to feel like a failure. Although it does take work on your part, you can cleanse yourself of guilt and shame by taking these actions.

Give Yourself a Break

You likely feel guilt as a result of judging yourself more harshly than you would others. Try to remember that you are only a human too and that everyone makes mistakes. If you can, try to correct whatever led to you feeling guilty. If you cannot, then choose to let go and learn from the mistake. It may help to talk to a therapist, a spiritual leader or advisor, or a close and trusted family member or friend to clear yourself of these emotions.

Keep a Clear Head

Some people turn to drugs or alcohol to deal with their shame. If you find yourself reaching for a drink, try to remember that you need a clear head to process your emotions. Overindulging in alcohol or using drugs causes you to stuff your feelings even further down. Eventually, those emotions bubble back up to the surface where they begin to affect your life. Dealing with them head-on is important, and you need a sober mind to be able to figure out how to address the sources of your shame.

Clear Spiritual Blockages

In the case of unknown sources of shame, it is possible that something from your past is affecting your present. It can be helpful to talk to a professional, like a therapist, but if that makes you uncomfortable you can also talk to a spiritual leader or guide. A local priest can help you process your guilt and find forgiveness, and on the more estoteric side, a clairvoyant psychic reader can help you to identify events from your past that have led to deep spiritual blocks. A spiritual guide or professional therapist can then help you cleanse yourself from the traumas of the past so that you feel free to pursue happiness for your future.

Take Care of Your Physical Health

Your physical body also has an impact on your emotions. Being tired makes it hard to keep a positive attitude. While you are working on your emotional health, make sure to do the right things to stay mentally strong, such as getting enough sleep and eating well. Taking care of your physical health sends signals to your mind that you are a worthy person who deserves to live life without the burden of shame.

When guilt and shame are affecting your life, you need to focus on healing. Remember that it is common to be unable to deal with this all on your own. Surround yourself with support and practice self-care during this time so that you can finally achieve clarity.

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