A juice detox is the best option for you if you are looking for a natural way to lose weight or detoxify. There are various ways available in the market of how to lose weight. However, there is no better way than using natural juices which are safe and nutritious.


What is a Juice Cleanse?


A juice detox is a particular type of diet consisting of juices from fruits and vegetables. A person needs to refrain from eating other types of foods during the period of juice cleanse. An important aspect to note is the cost of a pool. Before starting a detox, assess the cost to see if you can manage the package.


The juices ought to be natural with no additives. The diet helps to reduce the burden your body has in digesting different types of complex foods. In the process, your body sheds off the toxins which have accumulated. It is instrumental in rebuilding the immune system and providing the body with nutrients.


However, there is always a temptation to crave for other solid foods. The cravings can be so strong that they interfere with your detoxification regime. It is critical to look for ways to manage the cravings.


Six ways to resist cravings while on a Juice Cleanse


  1. Drink lots of fluids


Fluids are one of the safest foods to consume as they do not interfere with the juice detox. Once you start experiencing cravings for other foods, grab a glass of water and drink. Experts advise that water helps in suppressing and getting rid of the cycle of addiction for foods.


If you consume foods high in caffeine, you are likely to crave such foods during this time. Fluids will help in replacing the processed chemical and refined sugar that the body is flushing out.

Fluids are also good as they are filling. Drinking lots of water will make you feel full and so you won’t be able to crave for other foods.


  1. Try eating something else healthy


Different diets have their restrictions on what to eat and what not to eat. The juice detox only allows an individual to drink organic juices. Taking inorganic extracts may interfere with the detoxification process ash levels of sugar they may contain chemicals.


The juice cleanse restricts one to only take fruit juices and vegetables. It is likely that you will start craving for the unhealthy foods you consume on day to day basis. When that happens, opt to provide your body with healthy options of food.


There are various options for juices recommended that you can select. You can try banana juice, lemon, orange, avocado, or mango. Providing the body with healthy alternative foods helps the body re-adjust to eating healthy foods.


  1. Reduce your intake of sugars


Sugars tend to increase one’s appetite to eat. The more sugary foods you consume, the more cravings you might experience. The fruits also contain high levels of sugar


Dietitians recommend that you eat more vegetables than fruits due to the high level of sugar in fruits. Reducing your sugar intake will help in reducing and managing the carving episodes.


  1. Manage your stress


There are two types of eating habits. One of them is emotional eating, and the other is natural hunger. Most people cannot differentiate the form of cravings they have due to lack of knowledge.


It is essential to analyze yourself and find out your eating habits. Emotional eating arises due to stress. It can be depression, anxiety, frustrations, sadness, or even a celebration. Whatever the emotion, you need to find strategies of managing it.


You can use a reward` system where you give yourself something other than food. The reward will motivate you to stop feeding the cravings. You can adopt new hobbies that will keep your mind occupied and manage the cravings.


  1. Use positive reinforcement


Before you started on the diet, you had your reasons. The most important thing is to determine whether the reasons are compelling enough. When you have strong reasons for your juice cleansing, it is easy to manage the cravings. On the other hand, feeble reasons are likely to make you give in to the desires.


You can try putting on daily reminders so that you do not forget. You can put it in recording and listen to it every morning. You can put it in poster form and place it in the kitchen wall. It will always remind you of your commitment. Another method is using positive written affirmations that you continuously read to encourage you to remain strong.


  1. Use Distractions


Sometimes cravings come about due to a trail of negative thinking we have. Some people keep imagining different foods. Such thoughts are likely to increase your cravings for unhealthy foods.

When you find yourself thinking about food a lot, distract your mind. There are multiple approaches you can use to distract your mind. One, you can start thinking of other things unrelated to food. Try doing activities that involve high mental activity.


Exercises work for most people. It gets your mind off the negative thinking. Start hobbies that will help you keep your mind busy; walking alone is good as it helps you clear your head.

You can also consume other healthy foods when the distractions don’t work. Try to limit the sugar content as much as possible to reduce your cravings in the future.


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