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Many individuals are now turning to vape over smoking since vaping may be a safer alternative. A study shows that long-term use of e-cigarettes is unlikely to lead to significant health issues. 

Luckily, various suppliers, including big daddy bong, offer different kinds of vaporizers. Your style and preference will determine the suitable vape to use. 

Like most of your items, your vape depends on a battery to help you enjoy the vaping experience and also ensures you vape anytime you want. Therefore, taking care of your vaporizer will prolong its life. Since the battery is amongst the crucial features of the vaporizer, learning how to take care of it means it may last longer. 

Typically, the vaporizer’s battery heats the coil when you press the on button. Tips to extend the life of a vaporizer battery helps prevent the frustrations that come with running out of charge when you are puffing. Also, it saves money as you do not need to replace it too often. 

Here are tips on how to extend the life of a vaporizer battery:

1. Charge the battery using the right charger 

Many chargers are different from one another. Thus, avoid using every charger on your vaporizer. When buying a charger, make sure to check if it is correct for the type of your battery by purchasing a battery with the same features as the original one.  

Usually, charging the battery using a compatible charger may help you charge it safely with the right amount of power as per the manufacturer’s recommendations. Doing so will help avoid charging the battery with surplus volts. Thus, it helps extend its life. Remember, it is always advisable to charge the battery using its original charger as it will not harm it. 

2. Charge the battery before storing

While you are away, it is likely that you may not use your vape for 1-2 days. Make sure to charge it. Leaving a vape without charge may cause some breakage of the internal structures because it is not in use. Also, enough charge ensures that the wax pen stays stable. 

Thus, charging the battery while away helps maintain its health. Also, if you have a removable battery, take it out of the vaporizer and keep it separately, probably in a dry wrapper. 

3. Store the vaporizer properly

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Storing the vaporizer in place that it exposes it to direct heat or sunlight might damage its battery. As well, keep it away from moisture because this might affect your vape’s quality. 

Many individuals store their vaporizers anywhere. It is a risky thing to do since the device can drop or roll, thus causing damage. Usually, sudden impacts and drops affect the lifespan of a battery.

4. Check out on your battery’s temperature

Unplug the battery once you fully charge it and allow some time for it to cool before using it. Using it immediately after charging may affect its lifespan. Also, avoid using the battery with low temperatures because the reactions that happen inside it may not be effective in cold temperatures.

As well, subjecting the battery to sudden heating might lead to damages. High temperatures are the leading causes of battery damages, including your vaporizer’s battery. This is because high temperatures accelerate the aging process of the battery. Thus, it shortens its lifespan. 

5. Clean the battery regularly 

A clean battery delivers a gratifying vape. Continuous use of your vaporizer may lead to a dirty battery since vaping can cause battery spills. Moreover, mixing various e-liquid flavors may also make the device greasy over time.

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Thus, this is an indication that the device needs cleaning as it may lead to “flavor ghosting” in the vape. Residues from vapes are the leading causes of such flavors, and the battery needs cleaning for better taste. 

Also, dirt or residue may weaken the connection between the battery and the vaporizer. It may interfere with the functioning of the battery and may make it challenging to produce the power to deliver a quality vape. It will then drain the battery faster and forces the user to charge it more frequently. Therefore, it is crucial to clean the battery to prolong its lifespan.

6. Disconnect the vaporizer’s tank during storage

The vaporizer will have to work harder when the connections between the tank and battery are still intact. So, it is prudent to disconnect the vape’s tank when the device is not in use for some time. It will extend the battery’s life as it will not strain it.

7. Recharge the battery before fully dead 

A dead battery will require more power when recharging than if it has a little life. The more power needed may affect the battery’s life as it may decline its lifespan. 

8. Unplug the battery in a timely way 

As soon as your battery is fully charged, unplug it. Overcharging the battery may wear it down with time. Leaving the device plugged in when it is fully charged means that it is still working, although not charging, thus affecting its battery life. 

If possible, use a charger that will turn itself off when the battery is fully charged. A charger that slowly charges the battery may be suitable because it generates less heat to help extend its lifespan. 

Also, you can use a charger that allows you to choose the voltage that you want. It helps you select a voltage that reduces stress and may prolong a battery’s lifespan. 


As more people are turning to vape ping to quit smoking, it is crucial to learn how to extend a vaporizer’s battery so that they enjoy vaping for an extended period without having to replace the batteries too often. Research shows that vaping might help some people quit smoking. 

It is exasperating when your vaporizer’s battery is draining quickly. It does not give you ample time to enjoy the puffs, and of course, you may have bad vaping experience. 

Fortunately, the above tips may not only help you extend your vaporizer’s battery, but they might also give you a better vaping experience. Also, following the tips early enough may save you money on buying a new battery.

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