Presently, people are really conscious of feeling and looking good. By looking good, you hold and feel confident about yourself. Everyone loves to stay attractive and healthy. Taking good care of your skin, face, body, and hair is what you often do, but you regularly forget about the feet. The feet are indeed the most abused, overworked, and underappreciated part of your body, with all the walking and running every day.

Taking care of your feet isn’t that time consuming and tiring as some people think. If you choose to believe, the process is easy and straightforward. Here is how to keep your feet healthy.

Keep the Feet Dry and Clean

Good hygiene is a must when it comes to maintaining healthy feet. When bathing clean and scrub your feet carefully with water and soap. Afterwards, dry them thoroughly with a warm towel. Ensuring that your feet aren’t wet eliminates the chances of being attacked by fungal organisms since they can’t survive in warm and dry areas. Thus, always make it a habit of cleaning and drying all toes.

Maintain Proper Weight

Being overweight or obese affects your feet by exerting greater force on them with every step. Maintaining proper weight significantly lowers the chances of developing conditions like arthritis. Besides, failure to watch your weight can put you at higher risk for poor blood circulation and diabetes. Therefore, you need to maintain the correct weight to prevent loss of feet sensation and foot pain.

Assess your feet for any Problems

Carry out a foot self-assessment weekly every time you take a shower. When drying your feet, check whether you can see any peeling or scale on your toes. Besides, check whether the nails are discoloured as this signals nail fungus attack.

Change your Socks

Always wear dry, clean socks daily and change them whenever they get too moist. Sweaty, warm, moist covered feet are the ideal condition for bacterial and fungal growth.

Wear Good and Fitting Shoes

Shoe fashions won’t last forever, but a lifetime of putting on comfy and breathable shoes is one of the leading precautionary measures you can adhere to guarantee your mobility.

However, wearing high heels or tight shoes for a date will not lead to permanent damage. But it is essential to consider wearing supportive and comfortable shoes if you will be on your feet all day. Select a rounded, broad shoe with sufficient room for your toes. The shoe should also have a stable, wide heel.

Know When to Seek Assistance from a Podiatrist

A Podiatrist is a specialised foot doctor who can diagnose and treat all foot-related problems. It would help if you never tried to self-diagnose and treat any foot-related issue you may be facing. Allowing knowledgeable podiatrists to treat you can help stop slight problems from becoming substantial problems. If you are suffering from any foot-related problem, make an appointment with Instep Podiatry Brisbane is another option to consider.

Avoid Sharing Footwear

It is possible to get fungal infections by wearing other individual’s socks and shoes. In order to maintain a proper foot condition, it is advisable to wear your own footgear.

Cut Your Nails Correctly

It would be best if you always cut your nails straight across. It would be wise if you stopped rounding the corners of the nails drastically or trimming them too close since doing this can be painful to the ingrown toenails. Also, hiding the ‘ugly’ nails with nail polish is prohibited. You can worsen the condition of an infected nail by applying polish on it.


Your feet take you to any location you wish. Please give them the attention and care they need by keeping them clean and selecting your footwear cautiously. Follow the tips mentioned above to keep your feet in a classic shape.

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