Adding supplements to your daily diet and routine can improve your health, but it’s important that you pair your supplements with nutritious food and exercise. Additionally, it’s important to target your supplements to your health needs. For example, if calcium and Vitamin D are part of your supplementation program, make sure you also get some sun exposure every day.

Signs You Need to Consider Supplements

Supplements can help you by overcoming

  • low energy
  • “tired” or dull skin
  • sore joints
  • muscle cramps or spasms
  • poor elimination

If you’re getting enough sleep but constantly tired, it’s time to get a blood test. Low iron levels can leave you feeling constantly exhausted and cause your heart to work harder than it has to. Dull skin can be improved with a Vitamin C supplement. Sore joints can be improved with Vitamin D, and magnesium can help you overcome muscle cramps. Finally, a sluggish gut can be made more efficient with a B-complex supplement.

Finding the Right Course of Supplements

A multivitamin is a good start if you’re uncertain which supplements to take. If your diet doesn’t include a particular vitamin or mineral, then a supplement is critical. Vegetarians often need iron and B vitamins, while those with some food allergies, such as a reaction to wheat, may struggle to get enough magnesium.

No matter the product you settle on, make sure that your supplement is processed and packaged in a clean facility and that the products aren’t loaded with fillers. Gelatinous supplements may go down easier than pills, but you’ll want to take a look at the sugar content. Additionally, if your vitamins taste good, make sure you keep them out of the reach of children.

Targeting Health Concerns with Supplements

If you’re working to overcome a particular health concern, investing in individual supplement products on top of your multivitamin may be a good option. For example, those who struggle with anxiety may have good luck adding chamomile as a daily supplement, either in a supplement or tea form.

Other supplements found in nature that can promote a healthy mind and spirit include lemon balm and lavender. While lavender products can be added to your daily activities as a topical by blending a few drops with olive or coconut oil, lemon balm tea can be enjoyed before bed to soothe your mind before you sleep.

Detoxing Help

Oftentimes, we need to shed toxins as much as we need to boost our intake of healthy products. To reduce the symptoms of toxin overload, such as tired skin, tummy bloating, and overall lethargy, consider a cleanse with the help of organic herbal supplements.

During a cleanse, make sure you have plenty of water on hand. Your cleansing organs, including your kidneys, liver, and gut, will need plenty of support, and water is the first step. You may struggle with headaches, a sour mouth, and exhaustion as your body sheds toxins. You may also find that you’re perspiring a lot.

If you choose to do water or a juice fast, make sure that you schedule some downtime to be alone while your body goes through the cleansing process. This won’t be fun or feel good during the process, but you will enjoy much better health on the far side of your detox.

Find the Right Format

Not everyone can take pills. Many who need iron find that it’s hard on their stomach. If you need a particular supplement but just can’t tolerate it, check out different fortified cereals to see if they offer a healthy percentage of what you’re lacking.

In addition to iron, some struggle to tolerate citrus fruits as they can burn the sensitive tissues in the mouth. A Vitamin C supplement mixed in with vanilla almond protein shake can give you a delicious, portable breakfast and protect the delicate tissue in the mouth. You can find a health supplement program even if you can’t take pills.

Your first step toward good health should be a healthy diet. However, not every diet will fulfill all the needs of every person, so studying up on supplements is a good use of time. Additionally, living conditions can require some people to need extra support when things get stressful. Supplements can aid both your body and your mind.

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