If you’ve been experiencing troublesome health symptoms without any identifiable cause, the culprit may unfortunately be lurking within your humble abode. With studies showing that nearly 100% of homes have some type of mold present, the general public is no stranger to the warnings that run parallel to these types of problems. Unfortunately, this is only the beginning of the true health dangers that your home can present. There are many seemingly small risks within many living areas that can greatly impact your health.

Poor Thermoregulation and Its Hazardous Potential

Ensuring that your home has the ability to properly regulate indoor temperatures is not only essential for your personal comfort, but it is also important in eliminating the risk for other harmful events. Experts suggest that homes should sit at around 70°-78° while residents are present. Anything higher than this can pose a danger by heightening the level of toxic emissions throughout the home. Many carpets and wood fibers emit toxic fumes that increase when an area is high in temperature. If your home is having issues with thermoregulation, it could also point to improper or leaky ductwork which can result in bacteria and mold build up, or even the overheating of various units. All of these scenarios can be both directly and indirectly harmful to a resident’s health, and should be taken care of immediately.

The Health Implications of Pressed Wood

A substantial amount of homes built throughout the 70’s have some form of pressed wood in them. Pressed wood consists of various particle board, fiberboard, and insulation. Pressed wood is often manufactured by gathering pieces of different wood varieties and piecing them together to make one individual surface. The problem is that many of these wood types are treated with formaldehyde, which can be highly dangerous, especially to those with respiratory issues. If you find out that pressed wood is present within your living space, it is best to switch it out with a more health conscious alternative such as pine, maple, or oak.

Toxic Build-Up on Upholstered Furniture

We often don’t think about the accumulation of debris such as bacteria, germs, and even viruses that are happening on our upholstered furniture. Most bacteria forms thrive on soft surfaces, which makes padded, fabric materials highly susceptible. Eliminating or minimizing the presence of these toxins can be done by finding a reputable upholstery cleaner that can disinfect the area, dramatically reducing any associated risks. It is especially important to engage in the disinfecting process after a family member has come into contact with the surface after suffering from any type of sickness due to many viruses being heavily resistant.

How Inadequate Lighting Poses a Threat

It is easy to overlook the importance of efficient lighting within your home, but the absence of proper lighting can end up impacting both your physical and mental health. Our internal clocks rely on cues from the lighting that surrounds us in order to maintain productivity during waking hours, and also to settle down as the night comes around. While sunlight is inherently important, artificial lighting can provide approximately one-fifth of the LUX (SI units of illuminance) that natural lighting gives us. Making sure that your home has the proper level of lighting throughout the day can at least somewhat substitute the sunlight that we are missing out on when we are stuck indoors. Investing in lights that have dimming features can also be beneficial during the night, aiding our bodies in the production of melatonin for a good night’s sleep.

Even if you have successfully identified any of these health risks in your home, you can rest assured that all of these issues are resolvable. By correctly diagnosing and treating any of these potential health hazards, your home can remain a safe haven for you and your family. You can also take solace in the fact that initially becoming familiar with these risks will give you the necessary knowledge to take steps of prevention for the future.

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