Being a parent of a teenager is a brand new struggle that enters your life to stay for a long time. Besides constant arguing, emotional outbursts and other problems you may have with your child there is one more important thing that shouldn’t be missed out. It’s the oral health of your adolescent child.

When our children are small, we control them to brush their teeth twice a day for two minutes. But it’s not always advisable to try and control a teenager – you may receive a burst of aggression. Respect, convincing with facts and treating a teenager as an equal is much more helpful than the imperative tone of voice and dominating attitude.

What Your Adolescent Child Should Understand About Oral Health

Here are the things about the importance of maintaining proper oral health that your teenager should know and follow. No one knows your child better than you do, and no one can find a better approach than a loving and respecting parent. Remember to be polite and don’t push, if you don’t want a riot that is. Talk to your child like you talk to an adult.


Brushing teeth is boring and there are more interesting things to do, but it’s crucial for oral health. Most of the dental problems are induced by poor oral hygiene. Appearance is very important for teenagers and should be your psychological weapon in that conversation. You should also convince your child to visit the family dentist regularly and explain why it is necessary even when nothing hurts.


If your child is involved in active contact sports, there is always a risk of injury. Provide your young athlete with a protective mouth guard to be sure that teeth won’t get damaged. Convince your child to wear it, too. It may not look very aesthetic but certainly better than a chipped tooth.


Usually, teenagers don’t really like healthy food. But sweets, junk food, and gallons of soda drinks are deadly for teeth and will cause problems after a while. Show your teenager that healthy food can be tasty too – the Internet is full of recipes to cook even the most boring foods in a most delicious way.


Piercings are in trend again. If your child wants one, you should be aware that a habit to play with oral piercing is harmful to the dental enamel. But don’t forbid – just mention this fact and choose a lovely decoration with plastic parts that won’t harm teeth as much. By the way, if you allow it, your child can lose interest fast and throw it away soon.


It’s the most painful question to talk about with your teenager, but it’s among the most important ones, too. Low self-esteem often causes anorexia, bulimia or BED that affect the health of teeth. Teach your child to love and respect him- or herself and never mock them in any way. Also, don’t judge other people’s appearance in front of your child – a teenager will definitely associate it with his or her body.

Oral health is important for a teenager but the emotional state is more important. You can’t have the first without the second. This is why a good relationship in a family is crucial for the health of each of its members.

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