It’s crucial for your health to avoid heavy metal exposure. However, many do not know heavy metals exist in their environment or what they can do to be aware of the toxicity. While individuals aren’t usually exposed to high amounts of metals, they can cause harm over long periods. Limit your exposure by monitoring your diet, drinking clean water, and being aware of common heavy metals in your area.

Protect yourself and others by learning how to reduce the risk of heavy metal exposure.

Avoid Heavy Metals in Diet

Some may not realize it, but there are some dangerous heavy metals in food. Mercury is a well-known heavy metal. It exists mostly in fish such as tuna, marlin, king mackerel, and especially swordfish.

A lesser-known heavy metal in food is arsenic. You’ll find this in some white and brown rice grown in the southern region of the United States.

Drink Quality Water

Drinking clean water is an important aspect of how to reduce the risk of heavy metal exposure. Be sure to test your water for heavy metals, especially if you live in an area with old plumbing, well water, or poorly maintained water. It’s especially important if you live by any manufacturing companies. Coal plants, for instance, can pollute the air with toxins that end up in the drinking water.

Research Consumer Products

Some products contain dangerous heavy metals. It helps to view the RCRA’s list of eight potentially dangerous heavy metals so you know what to avoid. Then, you can research products that have been recalled due to those metals and avoid purchasing them.

There are various personal care products such as makeup, toothpaste, sunscreen, eye drops, and nail polish that have metals in them. They may have iron, mercury, arsenic, lead, chromium, aluminum, or zinc. As such, opt for more natural or organic products if you seek to avoid those heavy metals.

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