Not many people know that dentists must go through special training to complete critical dental implant surgery. These dentists might hold experience or are the inexperienced ones. This might be a complex situation but the following article will help in selecting the right kind of dentist who will help in retaining your smile and ensure that the functioning of the teeth does not interrupt, as well. Some of the well-known tips are:

A Certified Dentist

There are many dentists who attend classes barely on performing a dental implant. Merely attending these simple classes are usually not enough for the dentist to learn the complexities because each patient has a different health risk. As a matter of fact, implants are usually destined to fail if the dentist has performed less than 50 implants during the learning phase.

Some of the committed dentists get them certified as dental implant specialists by practicing hundreds of hours on patients and completing several written exams. A certification provided by the American Academy of Implant Dentistry (AAID) proves that the dentist has hands-on training along with clearing the written exams. The dentist that goes through such programs proves that he/she can answer any questions related to jawbone deficiencies and custom treatment for adults.

Choosing Dental Specialists Over a General Dentist

When it is time to get a dental implant, it is best to choose a dental implant specialist than that of a general dentist. This is because the specific dentist will have the tools required to repair the tooth. Specialists are best known to lower the risk of complications. A general dentist might be cheaper than a specialist, but they have less training that might put the entire well being of the individual at risk.

Dental implant specialists are known to have more sophisticated equipment than general dentists because they have specialization in it. Also, the most important point is that the dental specialist might be able to better treat gum diseases if it comes up due to the side effects of the surgery or the medication.

Cost of an Experienced Implant Dentist

An implant dentist is a bit costly. One teeth implant cost around $3,000 to $4,000. Along with the implant cost, one has to take up x-rays and bone grafts that add up to the costs. One more reason why the cost is high because of the multiple visits that one must make to the dentist to get through all these procedures.

The Educational Qualification

It is common to find fancy certificates and diplomas on the wall of the dentist. The customer should not fall for it at first. He/she should quiz the dentist on the recent technologies and check how he/she is well versed with this. It is a good practice to check with them if they have completed any ongoing course recently. The patient will benefit the most if the dentist is up to date with the latest medications, treatments, or procedure methods.


Along with these factors, it is important to find a dentist, whose dental clinic is close to your office or to your house. This will help in saving time and cost related to traveling. One can find out dental implant specialists by talking to friends and relatives who have undergone a dental implant. Also, these friends might be able to provide direction on the steps that one need to follow while preparing for an implant. Overall, a dental implant is not a complex procedure, but one has to exercise due to caution to select the right kind of dentist otherwise dental care goes for a toss.

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