Perhaps one of the worst types of pain that you could experience is a toothache. This is a pain that often comes on strong and that might not be easily relieved unless you get treatment from a dentist. There are a few things that you can do to soothe this type of pain until you’re able to get into the office.

Ice Packs

An option to consider until you’re able to make an appointment with a local dentist, like Silverstone Family Dental, is an ice pack. You don’t want to put the pack directly against your skin as it could cause redness or irritation. Wrap the pack in a washcloth or a small towel before applying it to your face, removing the pack after about 15 minutes.


Although it doesn’t smell the best and doesn’t taste the best, clove oil can be used to help soothe a toothache. Put a small drop on a cotton ball so that you can easily apply the oil to the impacted tooth. This is a natural oil, which might make you feel better about applying it to your tooth instead of using a lot of numbing gels.

Salt Water

If you have a minor toothache, then you can usually get relief by rinsing your mouth with saltwater. You only need one or two teaspoons in about half a cup of warm water. Swish the water around your mouth before spitting it out. The salt tends to kill bacteria in your mouth, which is sometimes what causes a toothache. You can also use hydrogen peroxide in warm water if you need stronger relief.


Whether it’s brandy or vodka, most alcoholic beverages can help relieve the pain that you feel from a toothache. This isn’t a permanent solution and will usually last for only an hour or two, but the flavor is a bit better than clove oil or peroxide.


A delightful option for soothing a toothache is a peppermint tea bag. You can put the bag in a cup of warm water until it’s moist. Remove the bag, and squeeze the excess water from it before applying the bag to the tooth that is causing the most pain. You can also use a frozen peppermint tea bag if cold sensations feel better.

A toothache is a pain that is often indescribable. It could be from a broken tooth or one that is infected. Fortunately, there are a few things that you likely already have at home that can help relieve the pain that you experience.

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