Dry skin is usually caused by environmental factors due to which moisture from the skin is eliminated. From heat to hot showers, arid climates, as well as harsh soaps and cleansers, all of the mentioned influences can take a toll on your skin and make it very dry. However, you can find a plethora of remedies and natural treatments which will soothe your dry skin and make your face radiant and plump.

Natural skincare can do wonders

Natural skincare can do wonders

Coconut oil is very beneficial for dry skin. Thanks to its emollient properties and saturated fatty acids, coconut oil will fill the spaces between skin cells and create a smooth skin while also hydrating your face. You won’t have to mix it with any other ingredient to make it work, just apply it to the driest areas of your face. Shea butter, just like coconut oil, contains natural oils which is why you should also consider this natural remedy if you’re battling dry skin. Pure aloe vera gel will also soothe irritated dry skin offering it plenty of moisture. To heal dry skin patches, cover the skin with petroleum jelly which will coat the skin with a protective layer and trap moisture underneath.

Avoid harsh cleansers

Cleansing creams and gentle cleansing foams are a much better choice than harsh drying soaps when it comes to your face cleansing routine. Switch to natural skincare brands and use an anti-pollution foaming cleanser and a hydrating mist which will help soothe dry skin quickly and effectively. Use hydrating mist several times a day to offer your skin all the hydration it needs. Avoid cleansers which contain parabens, sodium lauryl sulphate, diethanolamine, monoethanolamine, artificial colours, and alcohol because they will only additionally dry out your skin.

Remove excess of skin with facial scrubs

Exfoliation is essential for every type of skin because it helps remove dead skin cells. After your flaky skin is exfoliated, you’ll be able to treat the new young skin much better, without having to deal with dry patches or clogged pores. Make sure you use gentle creamy cleansers which won’t dry your skin out even more.

You can use either mechanical exfoliators which include facial scrubs, exfoliating washcloths and exfoliating brushes, or you can opt for chemical exfoliators. Alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs) and beta-hydroxy acids (BHAs) are known as chemical exfoliators and they dissolve dead skin cells on the surface of the skin and penetrate the deep layers of the skin in order to eliminate all the dead cells from the pores. Don’t exfoliate too hard or too often, but keep facial scrubs to once a week.

Remove excess of skin with facial scrubs

Moisturize often and well

After you’ve taken care of dead skin cells, it’s imperative that you apply a moisturizing cream or a hydrating serum to lock in moisture. Dry skin needs hydration in abundance, so be sure to slather on rich moisturizing creams every day. Facial serums are a light-weight alternative which unlike some creams, won’t cause breakouts. Therefore, feel free to consider serums as well and don’t forget to apply facial masks often too. Whether you go for sheet masks or the creamy ones, as long as you use them at least twice a week, your skin will be supple and dry-free.

Dry skin can be both irritating and look unattractive. Therefore, make sure you get rid of dry patches once and for all with our handy tips and tricks. Use natural remedies, switch to natural skincare brands and don’t forget to moisturize religiously. Facial scrubs will help you get rid of all the dry patches and after you moisturize your skin immediately upon having your face exfoliated, you’ll make sure that your face is glowing, supple and free of any dryness.

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