As we know very well that PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) is a hormonal disorder which is so common between the women of reproductive age. In this case, the ovary may produce small collection fluids in large quantity and it may fail to release eggs.

Symptoms of PCOS

These are some most common symptoms of PCOS:

  • Excess of androgen
  • Irregular periods
  • Polycystic ovaries

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PCOS hair growth on face treatment

The growth of hair on the face is a common issue which occurs due to PCOS. It is called hirsutism and hirsutism happens because of the high number of testosterone or androgen with PCOS.

This situation mainly occurs due to higher insulin level but if we manage it then we can reduce the production of androgen and growth of hair on the face too. We are going to top remedies and tips that will definitely support to reduce hair growth on the face.



  • Have spearmint tea

Having 2 cups of spearmint tea daily can actually work to reduce the hair growth on the face. Actually, spearmint tea can improve the androgen level in women with the PCOS.

  • Avoid Dairy

Using of dairy product delivers bad impacts on the androgen level with the PCOS. So, you have to avoid dairy for several weeks. However, if everything will go in a right manner then you can see positive results within a week.

  • It can take a long time

This is a kind of disclaimer that these remedies can take some longer period of time. So, you have to patient and keep continue to follow the remedies.


Laser hair removal for PCOS patients

Laser treatment is one of the best treatments for women and in this case. In the laser treatment, a laser passes into the deeper hair follicle and it works to destroy the follicle. No doubt that this treatment becomes a most effective way to get freedom from hair for the longest while.

Laser hair removal PCOS results are very noticeable but it is quite expensive treatment in comparison of others. So, you can consider it if you have a better budget. Laser hair removal for PCOS patients is overall good. This treatment doesn’t give to harm to the skin of the patient and it is pretty sure that it will absolutely give desired outcomes.


How to stop facial hair growth due to PCOS

Now, we are going to tell you some other beneficial and easy way to remove hair from the body: –

  • Bleaching

Bleaching can cause little pain during the application but it is a simple way to reduce hair from the body. The fact is this that bleaching work to lighten the hair and give them lightens appearance.

  • Threading or Plucking

This treatment can give the most sensitive pain during the application and especially when the lots of hair exist on the body. But this treatment can give longer-lasting results and give hair-free skin.

  • Electrolysis

In this treatment, electric is used for damaging the follicle of hair internally and it can give positive outcomes which retain for the longer period of time. But hair can grow back in future if the hormones get the imbalance.

At last, we just want to clear that hirsutism is a result of the production of the higher level of testosterone and androgen. The medical team can give some specific medication regarding the reduction of hair growth and these steps can also give freedom from hair but these entire treatments are temporary and this condition requires regular attention and treatment.



We understand that this entire information regarding the growth of facial growth due to PCOS is enough to take control over the whole issue. These remedies and information are completely safe and legit. So, if have any issue regarding this topic so feel free to follow these guidelines and you can also make contact with a doctor if you required any additional care.

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