How to Stop Yo-Yo Dieting and Get Healthy

People these days are more obsessed with dieting than ever before. In addition to this, there are promises of magic pills and get-slim-quick shakes on every single corner. All of this combined gives us a very unhealthy outlook at the way diets are supposed to be – and whether they should exist at all. If you’ve been struggling with the so-called yo-yo dieting, here’s why it’s happening and how to fix it:

What is a yo-yo diet?

What is a yo-yo diet?

A yo-yo diet is a term used to describe people who lose weight, and then regain it back, only to try to lose it again. The reason why this happens is because people think that once you get to a certain weight, you’re “safe”, and you can go back to eating what you want in any quantities. But here’s what actually happens: you go on a crash diet where you severely limit your caloric intake, and your body reacts by breaking down the reserves your body has stored to make sure you survive. So you lose weight and you think you’ll stay the weight you achieved, but as soon as your body starts getting food again, it starts storing large reserves, afraid that you will starve it again – and so you regain all of the weight as your body’s defense mechanism. So now, knowing what we do about bodies and diets, how do you lose weight in a natural, healthy way?

Set up normal eating habits

If you’re overweight, that means that you are used to eating more calories than your body needs – plain and simple. The first step is pinpointing the bad habits that got you there in the first place, whether it’s late-night snacking or portions that are too big. Then it’s time to address your actual nutritional plan and put some good habits in place. You should start by getting some efficient healthy meal plans that will give you enough variety in your food to both stop cravings and to let you be nutritionally healthy. Cooking meals in advance and eating them in pre-arranged time slots will allow you to turn eating healthy and preparing food into a habit, so that you can have the best possible results.

Commit to a lifestyle

Commit to a lifestyle

Diets aren’t something that you can just do for a while and then quit. A diet is simply your way of eating – now and forever. This is why your diet needs to be something that you can easily commit and stick to. Have variety, learn recipes, navigate your way in the store without going through the candy aisle, etc. The sooner you accept that in order to have a healthy body, you can’t just eat whatever looks good to you, the sooner you will turn to your new lifestyle.

Listen to your body

The best way to know if you’re healthy is to listen to your body. We’re so accustomed to just listening to what people are telling us about how we should behave, that we’ve completely forgotten to check in with ourselves. When you are feeling hungry, eat. When you need to rest – sleep. Your lips are dry? Start chugging water. And if you feel like you have problems with your digestion or anything similar when you change your diet – change it again. Keep working on it and tweaking it until you wake up every morning feeling great and you have the energy to last you throughout the day.

This isn’t easy, and there are no magic wands and miracle “cures”. It’s just plain old commitment and making some sacrifices along the way. Remember that any results that come fast – don’t last, so be prepared for a process where you won’t see results immediately, but over time.

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