If you’re planning a trip to Australia or are a local looking to breathe in some fresh air and explore the natural sights, you can either fly by plane, hop on a train or ride on a bus. However, the best one of all is to sit behind the wheel and go on a scenic drive along the East Coast. You can visit plenty of admirable destinations, and use your trip as a separate wellbeing vacation in and of itself. Making several pit-stops on an 850km drive is crucial to stay rested and avoid terrible driving accidents that often occur precisely because the driver is too tired. Here are some of our favorite stops along the way that we’re sure will make your ride thrilling.

Newcastle and Central Coast

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Small towns Mooney Mooney Bay and Brisbane are quite popular for fishing charters and river and ocean cruise, which makes them one of the great pit-stops on your way to Gold Coast. Once you exit the freeway, you’ll have the chance to hit the first major stop along the way – Newcastle City. This thriving city featuring a seaport and thriving student community offers a rather laid back and relaxed feel to both the locals and tourists. There is an array of lovely cafes at the waterfront, while hilly neighborhoods take you across to Darby Street packed with up-to-the-minute bars, cafes, and restaurants. If you’re not in a hurry, Newcastle will be worth the visit.

Coffs Harbour 

When you’re almost halfway through your drive, you’ll come across Coffs Harbour. It’s a fantastic stop between Sydney and Gold Coast, where you could spend the night and continue your trip the next day. A wide variety of serviced apartments, motels, and hotels is available in this charming city, and if you wish to stay a bit longer, the coastal area offers surfing attractions and relaxing beaches for everyone who likes to kickback.

Roseberry relaxing experience

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If you’d like to have a unique Sydney experience, then before you leave, you simply have to make a pit-stop in Roseberry just a few kilometers south. In Roseberry, you’ll find a renowned whiskey distillery where you can learn all about the natural wonders that go into that relaxing sip of whiskey. Rich with malted grains, it is a nice moment of indulgence as long as you don’t go overboard. They have a range of whiskeys, gins, vodkas, and rums to learn about and potentially taste. However, if you intend to drive, leave the tasting to your passengers and you can listen all about whiskey making and help your passengers blend their own signature spirit.

Port Nelson and Port Stephens

Have you ever thought about seeing the largest sand dunes in Australia? If so, then Port Nelson and Port Stephens are the best pit stops for you. Not only will they be worth visiting for a few hours, but also on holidays, if you are traveling with family. The Marina at Port Stephens offers an array of fabulous activities such as whale watching, fishing, deep-sea charter or even water sports around the bay. For those of you wishing to see the multi-cultural culinary heritage of Newcastle, we suggest you see the beautiful precinct of Hamilton.


Photo by Riccardo Trimeloni on Unsplash

If you’re going on a trip with your family, you shouldn’t pass by Foster. This is a beautiful holiday town with a vast variety of lovely accommodations and water sports for the youngest. From kayaking to boating, fishing or swimming in shallow water channels, Foster offers a diverse range of activities for everyone. One Mile Beach, McBrides Beach, and Seven Mile Beach are the must-visit places, and if you enjoy deep-sea fishing and rock fishing, Foster is the place to be at.

Final thoughts

Traveling from Sydney to Gold Coast should be fun and adventure-filling, so be sure you make several pit-stops along the way. From a whiskey distillery to Coffs Harbour, Newcastle, Port Nelson, and Foster, Australia will offer you an unforgettable traveling experience no matter where you go.

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