Our health is greatly affected by what and how we eat, but there are factors that can wreak havoc with an appetite, and the result is usually easily noticed due to the state of our health status. But there are other factors that can diminish health, and for most, it is easy to get back easily with a few clicks. With the explosion of the internet, the antagonists have been raining all sorts of the blame on the internet for a myriad of health problems; both mental and physical.

Hard as it is to believe, the internet has meant people are able to do more and somehow stretch their day by working online. But on the other hand, to keep up with the fast pace on an ever racing technology, people are turning more and more to fast (junk) foods. With all the negativity associated with the fallout effect caused by the internet on personal health, most lack to see the silver lining that comes with every dark cloud.


Going to the Doctor

Going to the doctor’s is uncomfortable to most people, with the internet, one can consult their doctor online and conditions allowing, self-examination and electronic prescriptions sent, all in the privacy and familiarity of home. In cases of emergencies, instant connection to a doctor could mean saving a life. In some extreme sports, doctors on call stand beside a computer waiting for emergencies from participants in remote and often punishing terrain with barely a survival kit and a satellite link.

With connectivity being at its highest thanks to the evolution of the digital world, hospitals can access patient records and/or histories previous hospital visits in an instant, thus reducing misdiagnosis and increasing efficiency. Call for aid is now only a click away; smartphones can be programmed to monitor the health and send the results to the hospital for analysis in cases where one needs to be monitored closely. Some even go further and send alerts to the nearest emergency teams in when readings indicate grievous harm.


Research, innovation and treatment options

With lifestyles getting more sedentary, computer and phone manufacturing are attempting to get people to get into exercise with various apps, such as a tree planting game that hopes to heal-and-soothe the earth by getting people to conserve the environment. The internet has allowed for access to vast libraries of information, and research is at an all-time high, new and better treatments, vaccines and methods of combating the disease are coming up every day. With the sharing of symptoms and reactions witnessed by different doctors across the globe, diagnosis is much faster and even more accurate.

Although usually frowned upon, excessive use of the internet could be good for your health. Socializing with other people leads to feelings of wellbeing, and this is alleged to lead to better health. The internet opens the world to you and by exploiting its potential one can lead better lifestyles and thus maintain better health.

Self-treatment with instruction from the internet has increased awareness in health matters, as more people learn through experience and share their stories online, preventions, solutions, and remedies are found that help reduce or remove the risk of certain diseases. Some social media sites allow one to synchronize their activities to their diets and with advice from professionals to maintain healthy lifestyles.

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Paisley Hansen is a freelance writer and expert in health, fitness, beauty, and fashion. When she isn’t writing she can usually be found reading a good book or hitting the gym

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