Home is where the heart is, as the old saying goes. However, it’s also where a lot of health problems can live if you don’t keep it clean enough. And that includes everything from your carpet to the ceiling. It’s true that there are certain areas of your home where germs are bound to take hold and potentially remain. Nevertheless, there are a lot of areas that you don’t think about being a problem. This includes things like your carpet, which can hold all sorts of allergens and health hazards if you don’t vacuum often. However, the biggest problem is to keep these rooms clean. That way, this won’t be a problem.


Living Room


The living room is one of the most notorious rooms for needing to be cleaned. It’s often the room that various members of the family watch television, play games, or simply walk through on their way to another room. That’s what makes it so potentially dangerous.

The carpet is obviously a potential breeding ground for all sorts of dirt and allergens, but the furniture is another part of the picture.

Couches especially, because they’re where a lot of people choose to lounge and eat a quick snack, meaning that crumbs and dust or sweat are frequently transferred to your couch. If you have pets, it’s potentially worse. If they like to take a comfy nap on your couch, that means they can bring dirt, bacteria, and possibly even bugs into your home. None of those are particularly concerning on their own but if left unchecked, the next person to sit on that couch can pick up some allergens or bacteria they weren’t expecting.

To get rid of the problem, you should invest in an upholstery cleaner to keep your favorite furniture clean. The lack of harsh chemicals will keep any kids and pets from having a bad reaction, and you can rest a little easier knowing it’s getting clean.

You could also try vacuuming your cushions regularly to rid them of the dirt and crumbs that can accumulate often. Your furniture won’t stay clean all the time, but you won’t be as worried about what’s just underneath your upholstery anymore.





The kitchen is another potential problem, because whether or not you clean it can affect your health. Regardless of whether you cook a lot or just spend a lot of time eating in the kitchen, bacteria can build up if you’re not careful.

That’s why it’s recommended to wash your cookware and every surface you used after cooking, to get rid of any potential bacteria or possible foodborne illness. And to clean your dishes soon, because any food left over can attract bugs. If there’s still some left over, then the high temperatures of your dishwasher are sure to get rid of them. Without a dishwasher, then you just have to make sure you’re cleaning diligently so that nothing sticks around for next time.

On the other hand, not cleaning your kitchen often equals more dangerous hazards. For example, leaving burnt clumps off the stove can lead to accidentally starting a fire. That’s why it’s incredibly important to clean up after yourself in the kitchen, regardless of who’s using it.




And finally, the bathroom. This room is thought to be one of the dirtiest rooms in any household. So much bacteria builds up without even trying. Showers, toilets, and even the sink all have potential health problems depending on how you clean them.

There’s a lot of debate over how often you should clean the bathroom and certain areas of it, but everyone agrees that it has to be done. If you don’t believe that, you’ve obviously never found a cockroach in your bathroom. It’s true that bugs aren’t always attracted to dirty areas, they’re mostly looking to comfortable and moist places. However, that’s exactly how you would describe a bathroom. There’s water everywhere and it’s nothing if it’s not comfortable.

Want to keep unwanted visitors out? Then you have to make an effort to keep it clean. Use some products to ward those bugs away. If you can keep this room clean, then you’re well on your way to having a healthy home.


Summary: Keep These Rooms Clean

Here’s a wrap up of the rooms that need to be cleaned at all times:

  1. Living room.
  2. Bathroom.
  3. Bedroom.

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