Are you fond of vaporizers and have been looking for a good option in the market, then Arizer Air II is the next generation vaporizer that you should be looking at? This is the advanced version of the first generation vaporizer. It comes with a glass tube which helps you see the flow of the vapory and offers instant heating of herbs (35 seconds). However, with this advanced vaporizer, there are certain maintenance tips that you must know to ensure that these last longer and remain efficient throughout. 

Easy Tips to Get the Best from Your Arizer Air II-

For you to make the best use of your Arizer vaporizer, you must know certain handy tips that will make its usage easy and seamless. For now, have a look at the easy and quick steps that you can follow for using it: 

  • Crush Cannabis for The Best Flow:

The users of Arizer Air II Vaporizer should always keep in mind to grind the loose-leaf cannabis well. This is evident for optimal airflow. Having finely crushed cannabis ensure that you are able to get the right essence flowing through the pipe. If you leave the pieces in bigger chunks, it might hinder the flow of the air and affect the functioning of the Arizer. The same instructions are also mentioned on the pack, make sure that you thoroughly read the instruction before using the same. 

  • Use of Right Cleaning Material:

Surely, the cleaning material plays an important role in maintaining Arizer Air II Vaporizer. You might be thinking that cleaning it once would be enough. Since the vaporizer will be exposed to a wide array of environmental conditions, it becomes important that you must clean the glass section of the pipe to avoid any contamination or infection. At the same time, it’s important that you store them hygienically. Learn proper assembling of the parts and have all the required material handy to clean before using it. You will need isopropyl alcohol, cotton swabs and soapy hot water for regular cleaning. If this is the practice that you follow, you will not have to put in lots of efforts and will make your job easy.

  • Having A Few Parts in Spare:

Just like it is suggested to make a fine grind, it is also suggested to have extra glass stem. Since the vaporizer II by Arizer has a glass stem, it is susceptible to break, hence, its advisable that you must have a spare one with you. The common mistakes while using the Arizer Air II Vaporizer can be the reason that the delicate part breaks down. You will have to wait until it is replaced with a new one. Even, individuals handling fragile parts during cleaning require a lot of precision too. It is better to have one or two additional parts until you become an expert in cleaning with ease. 

  • Use of High-Quality Products:

The parts of Arizer Air II Vaporizer should be necessary of high-quality. If you go for some parts which are not of good quality, you will see the difference in the performance. Especially, the batteries need to be of really good quality as the capacity of the entire machine is dependent on it. Also, have a set of battery that can be used for replacement. It is a recommendation that needs to be followed for having a long-lasting use of the vaporizer and all its features. Also, investing in a smart battery charger for the reusable high-quality battery is recommended. 

Conclusion– With these handy tips you can enjoy the Arizer Air II for a longer run. Make sure that you keep the hygienically to ensure that you get the best from it. These are the necessary maintenance tips apart from regularity in cleaning. Following the same, you can expect the vaporizer to be in top shape. 

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