Depending on your condition, the addition of alternative medicine therapies may be the difference between surviving and thriving. For example, if you’re undergoing chemotherapy for any form of cancer, the addition of a massage can lift your spirits and increase your enjoyment of life, which can make it easier to make healthy decisions as you work to survive chemo.

Hands-On Practices

As noted above, massage can reduce stress, raise your mood, and give you the endorphin boost to feel better about your current health conditions and your future. Ayurvedic medicine, from the Hindu tradition, is about balance. The three life energies or doshas are treated with supplements and hands-on massage therapies to bring them back into balance and maintain good health.

Acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicines are also popular as complementary or alternative medicines. Acupuncture is known to include needle treatments, and these needles are used to trigger and release energy points in the body. There are many of receive a removable needle treatment, but there are also some tiny needle treatments in acupuncture therapies that are placed in the body and remain there while a person is facing

  • chronic pain
  • persistent nausea
  • addiction

Traditional Chinese medicine therapy relates to heat and cold in the body. If part of your body is overly warm, you may have a particular supplement recommended, but if you’re overly cool, another supplement may be recommended. Traditional Chinese medical practices are commonly mated well with western medicine. If you’re seeking an alternative medical treatment, discuss your decision with your physician.

Therapies for Stress/PTSD/Anxiety/Depression

For those who struggle with life-threatening mental health conditions, such as depression and post-traumatic stress disorder or PTSD, there are treatments that include non-traditional medications, physical movement, massage, and supplementation.

A person struggling with PTSD or crippling anxiety may benefit from a ketamine treatment, but make sure you work with a professional who will monitor you consistently after the infusion. It’s also critically important to be monitored when switching away from a prescribed treatment for stress to a recommended alternative treatment. You can find a medical facility that performs these treatments by searching in your area. For instance, if you live in Texas you can look for a ketamine treatment in Austin

For example, someone with depression may benefit from St. John’s Wort, but the therapy can take up to 90 days to have an impact. To avoid a gap in care and support, you may need to pair up St. John’s Wort with any current medications you’re taking, but you will need to get the approval of your current physician so they can prepare you for side effects.

Movement and Exercise

There are many exercise professionals who can help you to overcome the symptoms of serious conditions. For example, if you struggle with chronic arthritis pain, you’re probably not going to be ready to start lifting weights any time soon. However, you can get in the water with a personal trainer. Once your weight is suspended in the water rather than pressing down on your joints, you may be surprised at the range of motion you enjoy in the water. Stiff joints that have felt locked up may become more fluid along the pool edge.

Another thought to remember about getting in the water is that pool water is chlorinated, and this chlorination is inherently disinfected. While there’s no way to completely purify any exercise space, the pool is cleaner than the weight room, and getting distance from those around you is quite simple. Unless you’ve recently had surgery and are still healing up, someone in the midst of a serious medical crisis will find release in the water.

Exercise is also critically important for trauma survivors and those with anxiety or depression. Moving your body will clear your mind and help you beat anxious thoughts, and celebrating autonomy and strength in your own body can help you overcome the injury of assault or trauma. Again, discuss your concerns with your physician to get information on what therapies you can enjoy once in the water and the best pools to use.

Feeling better is quite a personal journey. If you love fresh air, a walk-in nature can do a lot to lift up your energy level and subsequently boost your immune system. If taking a multivitamin helps you to feel stronger, it does. If taking ashwagandha supplements from the ayurvedic tradition reduces your anxiety, it does. In the event that you choose to add supplements to your current prescriptions, do take care to discuss your plans with your physician to reduce the risk of a bad interaction.

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