Releasing negative energy is a major way of reducing anxiety and stress in one’s life. Following are easy ways to cope.


Meditation is a technique that creates mindfulness and focuses the mind on a particular thought, activity, or object. Having been practiced since antiquity, meditation trains the mind’s awareness and attention and achieves a mental state that is clear, calm, and stable. The aim is to also reduce depression and pain and increase peace, self-concept, and well-being. Additionally, it is being researched for its possible health, neurological, cardiovascular, and psychological benefits.

Healing Meditative Jewelry

Mala beads are just one type of healing jewelry that can be worn during meditation or throughout your day. They are intended to be worn by women and men who are young in spirit, are health conscious, and want to follow a life of awareness, meditation, and prayer.

A mala, which is a Sanskrit word meaning “meditation garland,” is a string of beads that helps you count your mantras, focus your energy and attention when your mind begins to wander, and is a tactile guide as you silently meditate. Originally created in India 3,000 years ago, each piece is hand-knotted and blessed in Bali.

Essential Oil Diffusers

There are different types on the market, and it has been recommended that an ultrasonic diffuser is the best way to get the full benefits because it does not utilize heat in the production of the vapor, and heat can have a negative effect on the essential oils. The essential oils are mixed into the water, and they are carried with the water when making the vapor.

Hundreds of essential oils have been utilized for thousands of years for everything from lavender for relaxation as well as bruises and skin irritation, eucalyptus near the sinuses or on the chest for congestion and sore muscles, rosemary for pain relief, peppermint to soothe the stomach and increase oxygen levels in the blood, and more. You can combine two or more of the essential oils to create your own unique blend specifically for reducing anxiety.

How to Write a Gratitude List

A “gratitude list,” gives you an exercise which is designed to shift your attitude and mood .as you write down a specified number, such as 10 or 20, reasons to feel grateful for your life. You really do feel better after thinking about and stating those entries as part of your practice of spirituality. Hand-write the gratitude list since it is a slower process and helps to greater imprint the good feelings and gives more time for thoughtful contemplation.

Hopefully the above has given you some ideas on how to release your negative energy and concentrate instead on the good things and events in your life.

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