Kidney stone (renal calculi) is a medical condition where small crystals form and concentrate inside one’s kidneys. It is a prevalent disease in India. Almost 12% of the entire Indian population may have a urinary stone from which approximately 50% may have kidney stones at some point in their life.

A kidney stone is a painful medical condition that requires extensive diagnostics and care both before and after an operation. The cost of treatment also varies between a wide range depending on the size and location of the stone and the health of the patient. However, one can minimise the financial burden of the treatment with the help of a kidney stone insurance plan.

Why kidney stone occurrences are so high in India

India has one of the highest rates of renal calculi. Regions like the northern and north-western portions of the country are known as the ‘stone-belt of India’, where people are extremely susceptible to such medical conditions. It is primarily caused by the scarcity of clean, drinkable water, hot and humid climate, unbalanced diet, excessive obesity and a busy lifestyle. All these issues play a critical role in the prevalence of the disease.

Understanding the types of kidney stone is important to determine the cause behind the ailments. Medical clinics and a kidney stone insurance plan can provide coverage for the different ailments accordingly with this broad category.

  • Uric acid stones – Uric acid stones is prevalent amongst people who don’t drink enough water or are constantly low on body fluids. The quality of drinking water is another contributor to this issue. High pH levels are known to accelerate this medical condition.
  • Calcium stones – Calcium stones are more common amongst people who live on a protein-deficit diet. It occurs when someone has a high density of oxalate in their body. Fruit and vegetable-rich diet, as well as metabolic disorder, can accelerate the occurrence of calcium stones.
  • Struvite Stones – An individual suffering from urinary tract infection has a high susceptibility of Struvite stones. This type of kidney stone can spread quicker than other variants.

The Indian medical industry has significantly reduced the health risk associated with kidney stones. Integrating the latest treatment procedures, concentrating on areas more prone to such diseases, and integrating several preventive measures have declined the rate of kidney stones significantly. Also, an increasing number of people are availing the facilities of an insurance policy or mediclaim for a kidney stone.

Bajaj Finserv brings you easy to avail Pocket Insurance policies such as kidney stones insurance cover to easily meet the finances required for a comprehensive diagnosis of the ailment.

Cost of a kidney stone removal

The kidney stone removal usually costs between Rs. 15,000 to Rs. 80,000. A patient also has to pay for extensive diagnosis, consultation, and medications both before and after the operation.

People often avail kidney stones coverage policies to protect themselves against such an expensive operation. Kidney Stones Insurance Cover by Bajaj Finserv offers a high coverage of Rs. 50,000 to pay for various expenditures. These include expenses occurred during pre-hospitalisation and duration of hospitalisation including the cost of medication, diagnostics and doctor’s fee, and treatment charges.

One can also opt for a hospital cash cover from Bajaj Finserv’s Pocket Insurance policies to avail additional coverage of up to Rs 1 Lakh. It can be utilised to pay for room rentals, ICU charges, transfusions, tests, etc. The insured can choose to receive Rs. 1000, Rs. 2000, or Rs. 3000 every day throughout their period of hospitalisation.

Both the application and insurance claim process is kept simple and time-saving to assist such in cases as quickly as possible. A willing applicant can fill out the online application form and pay the premium to avail the kidney stone insurance plan in the shortest possible time.

The treatment for renal calculi has been accessible for everyone thanks to the availability of insurance policies that protect an individual against such scenarios.

Although the number of occurrences of renal calculi or simply kidney stones across India is threshold alarming, availability of better healthcare facilities across both semi-rural and rural landscapes. A Kidney Stones Pocket Insurance Cover can further connect patients with healthcare easily by bridging the financial requirements.

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