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Mercurius – Mercury

24.12.2015 | 15:26

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Mercurius comes from mercury. When mercury in its actual form is ingested, it can poisons the victim slowly and can also cause violent and ferocious pains throughout the body.

So too, when mercury is converted into a safe and gentle homeopathic remedy, it can treat those same physical symptoms as well as similar mind symptoms.

Mind Symptoms


Slowness, moves and acts very slowly

Delay in answering questions

Thinks long & then responds


Slow to comprehend


can also be anxious, restless, active, hurried

Desire to kill, impulsiveness to kill, even to a loved one such as a spouse, child, or himself/herself.

Suicidal tendencies, around knives, swords, other pointy/stabby things

Sudden desire to jump out of window or cut their own throat

Violent impulses

They can be filthy, dirty, disgusting, revolting, mischievous; insults the leader.

Fear of insanity and losing reason

He or she may be very suspicious – thinks everyone is an enemy. They therefore feel the need to protect himself with weapons.

Lots of fears: robbers, knives, suicide, escape….etc.

Delusions: body is made of sweets, decay/decomposition, smells, creatures coming out of me, of being a criminal, everyone is an enemy

People who require Mercurius may be a part of a gang or violent group.

Hurried and rapid talking, yet slow to answer questions, forgets thinking



Irritable and anxious

They may have a sense of hopelessness, which may lead to a desire for suicide

They have never ending problems or difficult situations, for a long time.

Sudden anger, violent impulses, murderous

History of violence


Physical Symptoms

Snoring = respiration, snoring, satoris

Swelling of the glands in children

Worse at night

Worse from warmth of bed, cold, damp, and rainy weather

Perspiration feted, stinky like cheese, and worse from perspiration

Sweats easily, oily, clammy

Tends to feels every change in temperature and cannot handle it. He or she is sensitive to the cold and heat.

Sleeping with a Mercury patient is a nightmare

Worse from everything, right side, heated, fire, windy weather…all types of weather

Worse before stool, before&after urination

better for moderate temperature, sex, and rest

Sensitive to cold touches

Always chilly

Good for mucus membranes

Good for bone problems

Problems in emphatic system


Arthritis symptoms

Rheumatoid pains

Eye burning, foul thick green yellow discharges [from glands] offensive

Manifestations of suppressed or hereditary syphilis

Offensive smelling sweat

Odor smells like dead body

Coughing green pus

Ulcers of skin, bones, lower limbs, throat, nose, mouth

Have external tremors

Soapy, stringy salivation that has a metallic taste

Homeopathic dentists give mercury for teeth ache, shooting pains in face, many dental issues.

Nocturnal seminal emissions mixed with blood

Yellow and green discharges

Terrible raw, painful itching in the vagina

Pains in the bones

Profuse saliva in sleep with night sweats

Causations: fright, suppressed gonerhea, suppressed perspiration/foot sweat

Pains and discharges in ears, thick green discharges, active watery coryza


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