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We all know the feeling; a sudden throbbing in the back of the head or the temples that promises to get much worse before it gets better. Yup, you have a headache coming on. And while the first urge might be to grab a bottle of pills, we are all a bit wary of overmedicating ourselves. Luckily, there are some natural remedies that can be just as effective in fighting that nasty, pesky headache.

Ginger Tea

Recent studies in an emergency room setting have demonstrated that ginger has an impressive ability to fight off the pain caused by a migraine. It doesn’t merely lessen the severity of the headache’s symptoms. It actually shortens the length of the episode altogether. You can try taking a supplement, but ginger tea is likely an even better option because it will help you to relax. Evidence also suggests that relaxation and reducing stress can also go a long way toward soothing that throbbing brain.


This remedy may seem counter-intuitive, considering that most of us are familiar with the searing headache caused by caffeine withdrawal. Yet, in this case, as in so many others, a little moderation goes a long way. A small amount of caffeine, especially in the early stages of a headache, can help ease your symptoms. But you must be careful to avoid overdoing it, or you’ll put yourself at risk of the withdrawal-related headaches mentioned above.

Hot or Cold Applications

By applying a hot or cold compress to your head, depending on your type of headache, you can significantly reduce the symptoms. If it is a migraine you are suffering from, try putting an ice pack or a frozen package of peas on your head. If it’s a tension headache, then a heating pad will do the trick. Leave the hot or cold object on your head for ten minutes for maximum effect.

Roll-on Essential Oils

Essential oils, like those from coconut, peppermint, eucalyptus, and lavender, all have natural healing qualities. You can purchase a ready-made product that contains these ingredients and simply roll on for headache relief. This remedy has been reported to provide near-instant relief to various types of headaches, including the nastiest of migraines.

These techniques are all proven winners in the fight against headaches. So next time you feel that dreadful throbbing, leave the medicine cabinet unopened and reach for a natural remedy instead.

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