Living life with mindfulness leads to benefits that make every good thing in life so much more. This is a blessing multiplier because the practice works on where you put your attention. And where you put your attention grows.

Mindfulness in its practice strengthens your focus which leads to clear thinking. It, in turn, reduces tension and any stress or anxiety that’s associated with some thoughts. It lowers your blood pressure and improves your overall physical health. You become more creative, having better self-acceptance and self-understanding which leads to more love, joy and spontaneity in life.

Starting A Mindfulness Habit

The practice of mindfulness starts with being aware of your thoughts. And we start to build this mindfulness habit when we give ourselves a few minutes a day to sit quietly and focus on your breathing. The attention you give to the rhythm of your breathing will open up your awareness of your body, your feelings and the moment. You can start with just two minutes a day.

Waking Up With Gratitude

You can also start waking up with positive awareness. The moment you realize you’re awake in the morning, you can choose to be aware its a brand new day and whatever is in store for that day happens for you. You’ll find yourself grateful for starting your day.

Choose To Do One Thing At A Time

In a world where speed is most valued, the practice of doing one thing at a time seems counter to the formula of society’s success and respect. But more and more influential thinkers and successful achievers are putting more value into focusing on one task at a time.

The habit of mono-tasking delivers better quality of work with better retention of learning because focused work brings more of your attention to the moment.

Slow Down Before You Speed Up

Along with mono-tasking is the habit of starting out doing or learning anything by slowing down. Slowing down allows your mind to be fully engaged to do things right before the speed of work kicks in.
Mindfulness is a conscious choice of the simplest ordinary things we do every day. If you choose to, you’ll notice the positive difference in everything in your life. Sometimes, a reminder helps us be more mindful of our moment which can take the form of meditation beads or healing jewelry. However, you do it, find ways to be mindful of your day.

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