For many of us, sex is one of the most important things in our lives. After all, a majority of people have sex one way or another. Whether you’ll do it with a single partner with whom you’re romantically involved, change partners often, have sex with several partners at the same time, or you’ll just do it on your own, there’s a good chance that you’ll enjoy it either way. The benefits of sex on physical health are something often discussed, but there’s more to it. Sex can improve your mental health as well. Here’s how.

It can boost your self-esteem

It can boost your self-esteem

It’s normal for people to sometimes feel down and question themselves, their appearance and their personality. And although our sense of self-worth and self-esteem should be something that comes from within us, it definitely feels good to get some external validation. And what better validation than attracting somebody and having them pleasure you while you pleasure them? After all, when you feel like others don’t notice or desire you, it can make you feel insecure or even sad. And not only that. All the talk about sex, how important it is and how incredible doing it feels can make those who don’t have it feel socially awkward and even ashamed. Having sex can help you avoid these negative perceptions of yourself and allow you to feel more desirable and really good about your body and mind. There is even a researcher who claims that sex can make you feel and look up to seven years younger, which can also improve your self-esteem.

It helps you contain stress

Stress can affect your mental and physical well-being in a variety of ways, most of them bad. This is where sex comes in. First of all, if you’re emotionally involved with somebody, that alone can ease some of the stress you’re experiencing. Intimacy is a good thing and it can nourish your body and mind, since it leads to the release of different chemicals in your brain, some of which help you focus, manage pain and lower your stress.

It helps you contain stress

Add to that the joy you feel while having sex with the person in question, and that amazing moment when you reach an orgasm. Both your body and mind will feel relaxed, comfortable and drowsy afterwards. Plus, having intercourse on a regular basis can help control your blood pressure, which can make your body, and consequently your mind, far less tense. So, next time you feel overwhelmed with stress, try getting some naked time with somebody you love. If you’re single, don’t hesitate to masturbate, or give online companion services like Mayfair Confidential a try, so that you get the girlfriend or boyfriend experience that can excite you, but without the long-term commitment.

It can be the fulfilment of your fantasies

Many people have sexual fantasies. However, most of us perceive our sexuality and our fantasies as something very personal. Plus, these fantasies are often less than traditional and we can feel embarrassed talking about them or even just thinking about them. Nevertheless, sharing them with your partner and perhaps even trying to recreate them from your imagination can be good for your sex life and your relationship alike. In addition, if your partner is a part of your fantasy, even better, since that can help you keep your sex life interesting and fun for longer. Sharing something so intimate as a sexual fantasy with somebody can give you a sense of liberation. It may be awkward at first, but bear in mind that your partner probably has a fantasy of their own and are probably just as reluctant about sharing them as you are. Just make sure you trust your partner completely and that you have a safe word for some of the more hardcore stuff, so that you can let yourself go and be fully satisfied. Fantasies are also a great way to get yourself aroused when you want to masturbate, meaning that you should be as imaginative as you need to, so that touching yourself does exactly what you want it to do.

It’s not like you actually needed more good reasons to have sex, but it doesn’t hurt to get some reassurance, does it? So, in order to maintain good mental health, you should try having sex as regularly as you can.

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