Being pregnant is one of the best feelings and experience for a mother. At this period of time, a woman faces many conditions which quite vary from the previous life. If we talk about first trimester, then we can see that a woman see many alterations and changes in their body and experience huge things.

Sometimes, a woman feels sick and sometimes she suffers from nausea which making this process quite worst. But this worst experience can become really good for them. Having of morning sickness is a symptom of hormones of pregnancy gets higher.

So, don’t take too much stress and continue to read this article because we have much information that will absolutely work for you. Also read all about how to help ovulation occur naturally?


 Why is 10 weeks of pregnancy the worst?

10 weeks or we can say the first trimester is quite hard to face and it getting so worst when this is your first pregnancy. At this time period, a woman suffers from many kinds of moments and she gets usually sick and tired at most of the time. Morning sickness starting at 10 weeks pregnant and nausea and vomiting are considered as morning sickness and no doubt that this experience is completely worst.


10 weeks pregnant feeling sick all day

Yes. This statement is true but the actual fact of this statement is based on the strength of the immune system of a pregnant lady. So, if a pregnant lady has a weakened immune system then she usually feels sick all day. Vomiting and nausea are very common in among women because according to a research 70 to 80% of pregnant ladies usually suffer from this experience.


 10 weeks pregnant nausea getting worse

This is a fact that nausea is that issue which is experienced by most of the women within the pregnancy period. This feeling makes you queasy and exhausted which is quite unavoidable. So, we want to clear that this issue is almost going to happen with most of the pregnant ladies and also need to start earlier to face this problem. However, it doesn’t create any harm to the body but you just need to take the proper and healthy meal.

 Some other symptoms of 10 weeks of pregnancy

These are some other following symptoms of pregnancy within 10 weeks: –

  • Fatigue

This is a most common issue which usually faces by most the ladies. You may feel little tiredness in this period but don’t worry it is fine.

  • Aversion

Food aversion feeling may be experienced by you and if you follow it then you get own lots of pounds of weight. You just need to have the only nutritional diet.

  • Food Craving

Food craving usually increases during this time period but you have to be really health conscious and only consume a nutritional diet which is also good for your baby.

  • Bloating

At this period of time, our gastrointestinal tract get relaxed which gives bad digestion and intestinal gas results. This condition makes your body bloat.

  • Indigestion

Upper conditions are responsible for the indigestion of food.

  • Heartburn

It is like a painful burning feeling around the throat and the chest.

  • Headaches

Like nausea, you may experience many headaches during this time period.

  • Visible veins

Visible veins around the breast and belly is usually occurs due to increase the supply of nutrients and blood to the baby.

  • Faintness
  • Dizziness
  • Round ligament pain
  • Large vaginal discharge



Overall, this process is quite delicate and it requires some additional support. So, you have to consult with a doctor whenever you feel any changes in the body. Also, take every possible step because good steps and treatment will ensure safety and fitness for the future. In last, we just want to say that these 10 weeks of morning sickness is normal and this process is usually experienced by more than 80% of women. So be calm and safe!

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