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Not Your Classic Materia Medica For Homeopathy

Sometimes, it hard to come across a neatly organized and easy-to-digest homeopathic Materia Medica or for that matter, or any medical reference book.

There are many great ones out there, like Robin Murphy’s Materia Medica, which is popular among homeopaths and naturopaths.

But even with great materia medicas, many of the best still have flaws.

Many of these books are too long, confusing, or not practically efficient for patient use.

Of course, no materia medica or remedy directory is perfect, but for studying and clinical purposes, there is a lack of solid books that can be used for both.

Luckily, Morrison’s Desktop Guide fuses both qualities successfully.

It is easy and concise enough to study remedies from, and it can easily be used clinically as a very efficient aid to find the correct remedy for a patient.

A must read for one looking for a better and more stacked materia medica for homeopathy!


Who is Roger Morrison? A Brief Background


Materia Medica for Homeopathy

Dr. Roger Morrison, M.D.


Dr. Roger Morrison, M.D. is a well known homeopath within the world of homeopathy. A medically trained allopathic physician, he first started his career as an E.R. doctor in 1979.

After medical school and his early career in conventional medicine, Dr. Morrison began to study homeopathy in Greece with renowned master homeopath, George Vithoulkas.

After completing his training, he returned to the U.S. and started a clinic, which still functions today and founded the Hahnemann College of Homeopathy in California.

In addition to his clinical and teaching positions, he also lectures around the world on homeopathy.

During his 30 year practice, he has written numerous journals and book, this Materia Medica being his magus opus. His book is sought after by homeopaths internationally.

Materia Medica for Homeopathy

“The book should be a MANDATORY ADDITION…”


The Layout – So Crisp & Clear!


The layout of this Materia Medica is very neat and easy to navigate as each remedy is organized similarly.


I will demonstrate this by show you sample pages on the remedy, Belladonna

In general, each remedy description starts out with general information regarding the remedy’s personality. It goes through the type of person needing this remedy as manifested in his or her overall behavior.

It also describes the main differentiating keynote symptoms and what makes this remedy stand out from others

All of this is to first paint a picture of the type of person that matches the essence of the remedy.


Materia Medica for Homeopathy


Know Which Symptoms Are Most Prominent…Easily

Next, Morrison gives specifically indicated chronic mental, emotional, and physical symptoms that the remedy can treat.

In these sections, he also distinguishes the more prominent symptoms from the lesser ones.

When you see a black diamond, it shows that this respective remedy has a stronger affinity for treating that symptom, compared to other remedies.

When you notice a bolded word or phrase, it shows that this symptom is easily treatable by this remedy.

When a symptom is in plain text (without being bolded or next to a diamond), then it denotes a frequently found or confirmatory symptom for that remedy.

Additionally, some symptoms will include one or more remedies in parentheses that are similar in treatment of a specific ailment, which makes it easy to learn other related remedies and to use as a potential clinical backup.


Materia Medica for HomeopathyMateria Medica for Homeopathy



Other, Non-Chronic Bonuses

In addition to the chronic symptoms indicated by the remedy, Morrison also lays out the clinical issues that the remedy is good for as well as the acute conditions that the remedy can treat in an emergency situation such as a fever, appendicitis, and accidents.

Speaking of acute conditions, he also has a separate Materia Medica/Repertory for acute remedies, which is another awesome and widely used work of his, which I plan to post in more depth in the near future.


Materia Medica for Homeopathy

See Clinicals at the bottom of the picture

Materia Medica for Homeopathy


Not Sure Which Remedy To Choose? Morrison To The Rescue!

Towards the end of each remedy section, Morrison shows remedies that are complementary to the remedy being described. These are remedies that may work great after the remedy being described.

After this part of the section is the last part, the comparisons. Here, other remedies are shown with short descriptions showing how they are similar but different from the remedy.

This aids in differentiating symptoms  when stuck choosing between several remedy for usage.

To the best of my knowledge, there aren’t so many Materia Medica’s out there that have these features or organize them as legibly as Morrison does. Many of them are written out in long, stacked, confusing paragraphs.


Other Pros

Here are some additional pros separating Morrison’s:

  1. The book costs about $70, which ranks among one of the cheapest of the modern materia medicas.
  2. It’s not too heavy and can be packed easily for traveling,
  3. Most recommended book for studying the CCH exams for homeopathic certification


The Cons: Still Not Perfect

Granted that there are plenty of pros for this materia medica, there are some cons that you should be made aware of.

Unlike previous materia medicas for homeopathy, Morrison uses a lot of medical terms for many symptoms.

This can make it difficult for a beginner to use this book for study as he or she may need to look up certain terms for their definition.

Keep in mind that Dr. Morrison converted to homeopathy from the world of Western medicine, which makes the medical term usage understandable.

Also keep in mind the fact that homeopaths are required to take anatomy and physiology classes as part of their certifications.

Additionally, some (but not the vast majority) of the symptoms listed are disputed by some homeopaths. As I have heard from my teachers, they haven’t been noticed in their respective clinical practices.

Lastly, it does not have every single homeopathic remedy out there. Although it has the main remedies that are more commonly used, it is missing many remedies that are found in Murphy’s.


My Verdict: A Must Buy

Whether you are a professional, student, or full-time mom, it’s definitely worth it to get Morrison’s Desktop Guide.

It’s by far one of the most clear, concise, simple, and easy-to-use Materia Medica’s out there.

Despite its somewhat minor flaws, it can really provide tremendous benefit for one studying, practicing or referencing the wonderful science and use of homeopathy.



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