No matter how religiously you clean, scrub and tone your face with the world’s best cosmetic products, acne still becomes the better of us. That’s why we suggest Chinese medicine an effective treatment to cure acne.

Acne is a nightmare (and perhaps an embarrassment) for almost all teenagers. But it is an epidemic for millions of adult women living in the US as well. Severe acne can plague adults into their thirties, leaving individuals with mental and physical stress and insecurities.

While it is already quite frustrating to know that no cream or serum can wipe out the horrendous red blemishes overnight, the worst thing is they can keep coming back and haunt you for very long.

While some products do the trick, it is still a long and overpriced ritual of applying balms, cleansers, serums, moisturizers, etc.

We, therefore, quested to discover the most effective natural treatments of acne worth all your efforts and found out that Chinese Medicine Remedies prove to be the best.

What is TMC or Traditional Chinese Medicine Approach?

The idea behind Traditional Chinese Medicine (TMC) is that any illness or skin ailment, such as acne, could be healed by the body itself.

According to TMC, your body is completely equipped to heal by itself from inside without taking any western therapy.

TMC practitioner, Mona Dan, explains, “I always aim to understand the main culprit that has interfered with the normal processing and stability of the body functions and to find the proper treatment plan to restore its proper functioning.”

Acne is a dermatological issue that is triggered by an unhealthy lifestyle, and hormonal and metabolic changes. Chinese medicine approach, including Chinese herb, resting of nervous system, and a healthy diet can treat and permanently eliminate a wide range of toxic skin issues, including eczema, psoriasis, and, of course, hormonal cystic acne.

Treating Acne with Chinese Medicine Remedy

TMC identifies two types of acne, sprouts or blemishes that happen due to stomach heat and pimples that erupt due to phlegm build-up and poor blood circulation.

While the former is the result of overheated stomach or lungs, which leads to oily skin and facial acne, the latter is tougher acne, containing pus, appearing red, clustered pimples, which do not go away easily.

In either case, TMC suggests identifying what is going on internally so you can treat the problem externally.

We are going to share 5 Chinese medicine approaches that can naturally cure your acne for good:

1. Go Natural and Use Topical Products

A lot of cosmetic products for acne contain salicylic acid (skin irritant) and benzoyl peroxide (a bleaching agent), both extremely harmful for skin. Therefore, the application of natural products like organic honey, turmeric, sandalwood, oatmeal, pearl powder, and fresh cucumber juice, reverses the effects of overheated internal organs and reduces acne development permanently.

2. Change Your Diet Plan

A change in diet can benefit you in many ways apart from controlling acne and skin problems. A healthy diet is good for the digestive system, heart, and blood cells. You are what you eat. So, if you eat healthy, your skin will be healthy. Hot and raw foods can trigger skin blemishes. Avoid them if you are prone to acne. Eat calming foods, such as cucumber, herbal teas, and green teas instead, suggest Dr. Bobby Buka, New York-based dermatologist and a student of Feinberg School of Medicine, Northwestern University in Chicago.

3. Improve Your Physical Activity

Working out increases blood circulation and sweating, both of which battle oily, acne-prone skins. Acne can also be the result of an alleviated level of stress-hormone, CRH, which produces an extra amount of oil in your skin’s sebaceous glands, resulting in pus and blemish. Engagement in regular exercises, such as sprinting, walking, or Yoga, can not only decrease stress but also improve your metabolic rate and blood flow.

4. Include Herbs in Your Everyday Diet

Herbs play a major role in Chinese Medicine Treatment, just like Indian Ayurveda. Adaptogens are herbal supplements that you can add in your drinks and dishes without any qualms. You can also take them as pills. Adaptogens are natural healers, such as ashwagandha, licorice root, ginseng, astragalus, and holy basil, which assist in maintaining, adjusting, and retaining body’s natural functions, including internal and external stressors.

5. Try Acupuncture Therapy

Acupuncture is great for acne relief, as acupressure clears the heat and releases toxins from your body. Acupuncture therapy’s goal is to regulate and rejuvenate the hormones first and recede bacteria and inflammation in due course of time.

Overall, TMC believes that a body can heal without the application of chemical force, such as allopathy treatment, cosmetics, and skin surgeries. Mindful eating habits, a healthy mind, and good physical activities are the definite key to resolve any health problem, including acne.

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