Whenever we feel even the slightest discomfort and unease, we solve it with medication. Even though this is the quickest option, we should also consider natural alternatives. Natural pain relievers exist and we should explore their many possibilities. Turning to natural pain relief can be one of our health goals for 2020.

Reduce stress to reduce pain

One of the many side effects of chronic stress are headaches, pain, poor immune system and general lack of energy. People who are under a lot of stress often feel like every bone in their body hurts.  If you feel at least one of these symptoms daily, you should learn to control stress instead of taking a headache or any other medicine. To reduce stress and relieve your pain, you should practice relaxation techniques like deep breathing, meditation or even getting a massage.

Herbs and spices are the answer

The answer to your pain might be hiding in your cupboard. Spices and herbs are known to reduce inflammation and help with other similar conditions. Ginger is known to reduce pain and is powerful against inflammation. Turmeric has both cancer and inflammation-fighting properties. Valerian root is great against insomnia and other sensitivities like anxiety, stress, and feeling of discomfort. Just turn to nature and find a natural alternative among many of nature’s gifts.

Exercise to reduce pain

Exercise is one of the most effective ways to treat pain caused by sitting all day long. Neck pain, back pain, general stiffness can all be solved by regular exercise. Your muscles are telling you to take care of them right because you’ve been neglecting your body. Exercise will strengthen your body, improve your mobility, reduce stiffness and even reduce stress. Those who suffer from arthritis can reduce pain by engaging in cardio activities. Premenstrual pain, headaches, and sedentary behavior can be reduced by moving more. Exercise will improve your blood flow, circulation, improve your mood and help ease the troubles.


If an old injury or a recent mishap is a reason why you frown in pain when you move or do something simple, medication won’t solve the problem. Bad posture and lack of flexibility can all be the cause of your pain. That’s why you should restore proper function and mobility with physiotherapy. Just a few Kingston physiotherapy sessions can reduce pain caused by muscle injury, accidental injury, or back and neck issues. You have to treat what’s causing you pain, not just self-medicate to numb the pain away. So, listen to your body and interpret these warning signs and seek professional help.


This is yet another alternative to pain medication and has been practiced even in ancient China. This popular pain management technique is popular even today. Acupuncture targets specific points on your body. A skilled professional uses these acupuncture points to put needles through your skin. These thin needles stimulate the nerves which further signal your brain to release endorphins. This practice helps qi or energy flow more easily and improve your health.

Take a long bath

Warm water can warm our entire body, especially our joints. Water, in general, has a stimulating effect on our psyche especially when we close our eyes and relax completely.  We can simulate our own floating therapy in our bathroom and reduce discomfort and muscle tightness. This is the easiest thing you can do for yourself because you have all the tools you need right in your apartment. Run a hot bath, add some Epsom salt and a few drops of lavender oil. Epson salt will help soothe the affliction, detoxify your body, help soothe your skin and promote better health in general.

Get a massage 

Another tool against soreness, stiffness, and stress, a massage can wipe away your issues. It is both relaxing and a solution to chronic pain and discomfort. Even if you just wish to relax on a Friday afternoon and feel like somebody massages stress out of your body, there’s a suitable technique for that. When massage therapists massage your limbs and take away your aches, he or she also improves blood flow, mobility, and flexibility. This ultimate indulgence can provide better results and it’s completely natural.

Try yoga

This form of physical activity can make you feel lighter, more positive, pain-free and centered. Many people practice yoga just because it’s a natural way to feel less stress and meditate in the process. Give yoga a try and embrace its stress-busting capabilities as well.

Every one of us experiences pain differently. So, it’s hard to say which one of these will work for you unless you try them all. These are just some of the many natural ways to reduce ache naturally. But, if your unease is chronic and acute, consult your doctor and find the best solution.

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